MadAsHell April 18, 2013 @ 10:36 a.m.

Once again the City shows they are above following the law. Indeed, they learned well from the fiasco of the Golden Hill MAD that they could lose and not pay. They just are not into playing fair or even playing legally. Do you think they read the READER? I guess they just don't care about us peon constituents.


BlueSouthPark April 17, 2013 @ 1:38 p.m.

It is wonderful that the city is being sued for noncompliance with the PRA law: Over the years that people in South Park and Golden Hill sued over the illegal assessment district formation, many were tooled around or ignored when they requested documents through the PRA.

As much as I disrespected SCI for they way they made their money, by doing whatever illegal thing the San Diego Economic Development department heads and staff told them to do, I applaud them for this legal action.

Thanks, Reader, for providing a copy of the suit filed. Very interesting stuff.

Note the PRA requests for documents related to Golden Hill MAD and Community Development Block Grant funds. The city (Economic Development department) indeed violated Federal law by paying CDBG funds to lobbyist Mitch Berner to promote the GGH MAD. It was great when that illegality was reported to HUD and resulted in a much larger investigation and penalties.

Note the discomfort of SCI with the unprofessional communication of Carmen Brock. Well, a lot of people involved in the GGH MAD suit have a LOT of unprofessional communiques from Carmen. Nothing new about that! She is really a terrible lawyer, completely out of her league with even the simplest of legalities. She is consistently wrong, insulting, and demeaning in all of her invective-filled communications and proceedings. She was the DCA in the Our Lady of Peace suit, too, another loser. One commenter in Reader wrote, about that, in part: "how inept our City Attorney's office is, for which I was a firsthand witness when called down to meet with them only to find -- just a few weeks before trial -- that they were completely unprepared, befuddled and, frankly, uninspired. ...San Diego taxpayers should be outraged as this extraordinarily poor use of our money."

Maybe cutting the budget for the City Atty's office will affect DCA Brock. We can hope.


tiibear April 17, 2013 @ 1:21 p.m.

What a completely worthless and pathetic pack of "trusted servants", all of them. A gutless, paid off, and corrupt pack of City Council buffoons that could really give a damn. Down to a smoke and mirrors City attorney who supports his/her corrupt municipal corporation by raising confusion and confounding to an art form. By illegally dodging legal requests for public information to continue hiding thier idiocy and corruption with vague excuses. Now there's a conundrum wrapped in a dichotomy although really it's the only position this gutless pack of morons has left because they're painted into a corner of truth without a paintbrush to hide their deceit and treachery as public servants. Just like it was with Scott Kessler and the laughable and oh so transparent travesty of the Golden Hill MAD When the people and Hal Tyvoll (RIP Hal) called thier ludicrous chicanery and a judge nailed thier illegality to the wall. Btw, where's our Golden Hill MAD money you worthless pack of rat bastards?? Or do we have to take this to the streets??


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