Mlcbflew Sept. 28, 2013 @ 8 p.m.

I am also a parent of an HTHI graduate, who is currently attending college as a sophomore at Rhodes College in Memphis. Her 7 years in the High Tech system were an excellent preparation for college. After being a yearbook editor at HTHI, she is now a staff writer for her college newspaper; enjoying a rich college experience as a international studies/ political science major. The exceptional college student she is today is a credit to the incredible opportunities she was exposed to at HTHI. I write this while attending parents weekend; having had the opportunity to meet professors and attend class with her. The ironic part of this story is that she was initially NOT chosen in the middle school lottery, but was put on a waiting list! She transferred from a public middle school only when an unanticipated opening occurred . We were thrilled to accept on her behalf; believing that the project based education presented was best suited to her real world connections as an adult. We continue to count the many blessings of her High Tech Village education.


mom2boys Sept. 28, 2013 @ 5:32 p.m.

I am quite astonished at the inaccuracies in this article. ( Shame on you San Diego Reader.) Clearly, this is a case of sour grapes. The author spent an hour, maybe two, at an introductory meeting. She knows absolutely nothing about our school beyond the basics and is counting some reviews on Great Schools as fact. To say that only 1% is college ready is beyond ridiculous. After all the negative remarks she makes, she ends the article by being in a panic that her son didn't get in? After all the grousing, I am surprised she wanted her son to go to HTHI at all....unless, she didn't really believe what she later wrote in the above article.

Both my children loved HTHI. (BTW, My eldest scored very well on the SAT and is off to college, yes, a 4 year wonderful school, where is is majoring in the sciences. Is college hard? You bet. But, he is working hard, with a heavy load, and getting good grades. From what he tells me ALL the kids are learning how to make transitions in the first year in terms of time management, and balance. He can read, and so textbooks don't seem to be presenting a problem, he has organized study groups, and is involved with a myriad of activities from Student Government to being in a jazz ensemble. He found a love of learning, an ability to relate to his teachers, a keen interest in the world around him, and an amazing, diverse, group of friends at HTHI. He can also get up in front of a group and present with ease. Is HTHI perfect? No, never said it was, however, I don't think I could have asked for more.


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