Benito June 1, 2012 @ 12:44 a.m.

HOWEVER... If you've not yet heard or seen The Barons of Tang of Melbourne, Australia get ready to eat yr fukn hearts out! Gypsy Death Core!?! Think Mr. Bungle's California meets Taraf De Haidouks only on their own 'cause you just can't size these folks up by name just dropping any other band. Here's a link to a live performance of Dogs of Rotterdam... and a clip from the last release, Knots & Tangles... "Even if yr missing fingers you can make a fist!"

Take what you will, say what you want, I'll tell you what is inevitable from experience on the road with these fine folks: There will be precise chicanery. There will be nudity. There will be drunken dancing. Yr feet may disappear. Yr heart may leave you for the night.

So do yrself a favor and catch these folks for their very first appearance in our little town of San Diego. Live yr life like there's no tomorrow! Come out and look death in the eye with a smile! After all, it's only $7 and the next time they grace us you most likely won't be able to get in the door.

TATG and with love~ Benito