Geranium July 17, 2019 @ 5:45 p.m.

There you go.....sounds like this is the tip of the icky iceberg of all of this. I suppose another way to put it be that Ward's office and Circulate SD are not incestuous, but really the same thing. And you need to add YIMBY Democrats (which is such a misnomer, it should really be YIMBY Libertarians) which is just a recruiting arm to dupe Millennials that the only way to bring their rent down is to call Boomers greedy for caring about their neighborhoods. I assume you can look at every land use situation Ward has been involved with and you will find the same folks calling the shots and playing the various roles to insure the predetermined outcome happens. The 6th and Olive project had the same cast of characters making sure the community input was ignored.

Sadly this is just more of the insider, self serving, business as usual we have seen for way to long in San Diego. We really need to find a way to get a city government that is working for the people of the city, not well connected folks playing monopoly with our city.


BabyKat July 17, 2019 @ 8:43 a.m.

Too cozy? One could go as far as to say, "incestuous" relationship of this very tight-knit group… Let's see, Kathleen "Kate" Hawthorne Ferrier formerly of Circulate SD, and now Chris Ward's office, is BFFs with Angie Landsberg of NPMS. Kate is also a former NPPC member. Angie is BFF's with Tyler Renner, et al of Chris Ward's office. Matt Stucky "the ice cream man" is involved with Circulate SD, new NPPC member (the week before they voted kind of NEW), and close friend of Colin Parent. Colin is the director of Circulate SD, close friends with all of the above, and a La Mesa council member. Interestingly, Colin's campaign manager (Estrada) is now Chris Ward's Communications Director. Throw Everett "The Erv" Hauser into the mix as the Mayor's Traffic Engineer; he’s a former SANDAG intern, very vocal and avid cyclist who attends Tuesday night races at the Velodrome, an Ironman and Grand Prix racer (seriously, check out his FB page... he is beyond stuck on himself and if it wasn't so gross, it would actually be funny). But really, how is The Erv's being a CITY traffic engineer who recommends policy in the city NOT a conflict of interest given that he is such a single-minded and avid cyclist? Ahhh, but I digress... all of these people have job hopped and glad-handed in order to position themselves within the city so they could get this ridiculous plan in motion before Chris Ward and Kevin Faulconer term out. Chris Ward needs to clean house and Kevin Faulconer should be embarrassed that this has happened under his lame duck watch. Both Ward and Faulconer should be focusing on the homeless situation in this city instead of playing with businesses and residents’ lives just so their little group of friends have aCYLCE TRACK on 30th Street. It will be interesting how their future political aspirations are affected by the cesspool they are leaving us in SD. *(Oh, I don’t have room to get into but don't forget Andy Hanshaw, Molly Burgess, Rachel Laing, Vicki Granowitz, Liz Studebaker, and Lisa Harvedt [the VOICE that is strangely quiet these days], all supporting players and part of the same group of friends who hang together, ride together, and recreate together as those discussed above).


Geranium July 16, 2019 @ 8:43 p.m.

The too cozy relationship between Circulate SD and Ward's office needs to brought to light by journalism. Of course that would also mean shedding light on Gloria's relationship as well. Clearly Circulate SD is mainly a lobbying organization for developers and the building industry. But it seems they also have a distaste for community (unless its their version of what a "community" is) and regulatory oversight, essentially what we expect to see from a Republican position. Ward's, Gloria's, and Circulate's motto is essentially "Build, Baby Build" in response to the housing crisis, just as Sarah Palin's was "Drill, Baby Drill" in respond to the energy crisis.

Ward and Gloria have decided it's a winning strategy (for both them and their funders) to work with Circulate to actively divide their communities over development issues, hoping the YIMBYs can dominate the dialog over the nuanced dialog many members of their community want to have over development issues. I suppose we'll see how this strategy works as we move towards the 2020 election.


RescueHillcrest July 19, 2019 @ 2:22 p.m.

Although partly in response to Geranium, this is too important to bury in a reply.

According to recent disclosure filings 179146457 and 179289497, Circulate not only lobbies the City to promote its anti-democratic and class-warfare agenda: they've been paid by Chris Ward and Scott Sherman with taxpayer dollars for unspecified "contract services," as well as by the Sustainability Department and San Diego Police.

This is how corrupt we have become: the powers that be believe graft is excused so long as it's reported, and paid endorsements okay if they are shameless.


Geranium July 20, 2019 @ 8:15 a.m.

All the new posts are making it even clearer there needs to be the daylight of a in depth journalist investigation of Circulate SD and its relationship to our elected officials.

Clearly one of Circulate's main goals, like any business entity, is its own financial well being. And clearly given its donor list and its growth, Circulate is successful at that. Of course part of the problem with taking money from someone is that the people you get it from usually except something in return for it.

Seems to me the connection preventing pedestrian accidents/deaths and deregulating development regulations for the benefit of developers is both odd and tenuous. But Circulate seems to feel its cover enough to obscure all of the lobbying work they do for a myriad of businesses. Whats both more remarkable, but also more troubling, is that Chris Ward and Todd Gloria feel they can use Circulate SD as cover for their actions and ambitions. If Circulate is doing most of the heavy lifting for developer lobbyists then Ward and Gloria can pretend they are doing something other than doing what their political funders want.

What's perhaps even more troubling is seeing Ward join in on one of the main strategies of Circulate and their many tentacle organizations (Circulate Inc): to try to neutralize neighborhood organizations through ageism and tribalism. The goal is to prevent a hearty multi-voiced dialog about land use. Instead of a complex dialogs from how to wisely add density to a neighborhood to how the concentration of wealth is leading to a concentration of real estate ownership (and how that impacts housing availability and costs), Circulate Inc encourages the out loud attacks on boomers, suggesting they should move if they don't like Circulate Incs goals for the city. Clearly Ward slipped up by using his "out loud" voice to espouse this position at the meeting, but its at the core of his and others strategy for land use.

So I'll say it again, we need to shine daylight on all this.....for the well being of our city.


Geranium July 18, 2019 @ 5:42 p.m.

RescueHillcrest, are you suggesting there is a problem with like minded folks having a "mixer"? Of course its troubling that that both Rise Up Town and YIMBY "Democrats" seem to actively work to use tribalism to both excite those who join it (I assume the leaders encourage members to attack Boomers because its fun), and to tragically create a "them" and "us" dynamic within communities. Of course the goal of Circulate SD is to keep the developer cash coming in, but sadly some of their foot soldiers actually think building roof top pools will solve the housing crisis and save the planet.

But is there a law against motivating folks to take action with false information? Doesn't seem so.

But I assume Circulate SD is a registered lobbying organization, and certainly a tax paying organization (non tax paying not-for-profits can't do all the lobbying and political work they do).

But it does seem weird that a staff member of Ward's office is an officer in YIMBY Democrats. Seems like a conflict if her job is to represent all in his district, but maybe that isn't how they see their role...


AlexClarke Aug. 27, 2019 @ 5:36 p.m.

Only time will tell if the Cities "new and improved" bike lanes and limited parking will help or hurt the businesses. My guess is that the time will come when the cyclists will be biking past closed storefronts with scores of homeless along the sidewalks. The one thing that you can be assured of is that Faulconer and Ward can screw up an empty room.