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A variety of letters to the editor

"You gave great prominence to some patently retrogressive ideas."

Catering to Nitwits At last, the Reader published an article that has historical and geopolitical importance — the 9/11 article by H.G. Reza. It seems hard to believe that the Reader continues to cater to ...

Letters about bike lanes continue to roll in

"Our mayor drives the largest SUV manufactured, a Ford Excursion."

Tens Would Suffer Your crossword is a little messed up this week. I know crosswords are getting meta-tricky, but really? It looks like they didn’t quite finish, and you just went ahead and printed it. ...


Justin Powell Aug. 28, 2016 @ 6:29 p.m.

This "businessman" wanted Bonnie to keep persecuting medical marijuana patients to keep the Mexican stuff profitable.


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