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Ira Copley's Elgin Courier-News led to tronc slaughter?

Illinios newspaper famous for "thin gold watch" shrinks to three days a week

A piece of San Diego's once mighty Republican newspaper legacy is dying in Illinois, with word that Chicago-based tronc will cut publication of the Elgin Courier-News, formerly a daily, to just three days a week. ...

Will latest tronc rift end badly for Union-Tribune?

Board room battle reported at Chicago-based chain with funny name

San Diego's Union-Tribune, accustomed to more than 60 years of family fights and corporate ruptures as it slowly ran downhill, appears in for more of the same, judging by a March 17 report in Crain's ...

Of poison pills and dying newspapers

As Ferro and Soon-Shiong snap up stock, tronc rolls back anti-takeover defense

With another rough year for the newspaper business come and gone, the answer to the question of who will control the fate of the controversial tronc publishing empire — including the L.A. Times and San ...

Let them eat steak, Union-Tribune's master proclaims

Black box with c-note and golden deck of cards invites Chicago's super-rich to birthday bash

The San Diego Union-Tribune's corporate owner, infamously known as tronc, may soon be sold — or not, depending on who is doing the talking — but one thing seems certain: tronc’s current honcho Michael Ferro ...

Del Martian files suit against U-T owner, now called Tronc

Real estate operation seeks to block stock sale to biotech billionaire Soon-Shiong

Though it ultimately takes its orders from Chicago, the fate of the struggling Union-Tribune is being increasingly linked to big-money battles involving San Diego connections. Last week, Los Angeles biotech billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, who has ...

Union-Tribune owner’s war of escalating insults

Yet another spin-off rumored if Gannett prevails

If today's economically besieged newspapers are cutting back their press runs, the same can't be said of the voluminous verbiage piling up in the war for control of Chicago-based Tribune publishing, owner of the San ...

Gannett wants a crack at the Union-Tribune

As Chargers hype mounts, will NFL-linked publisher from Chicago go quietly?

Will the sixth turnover finally turn out to be a charm? That's the question of the hour as yet another would-be master of the San Diego Union-Tribune surfaces in the form of Gannett Co., owner ...

Will Union-Tribune finally lose its master from hell?

Latest Chicago shake-up could open way for L.A. billionaire’s U-T takeover

Life under the influence of the national newspaper chain from hell just got even more uncertain for the remaining scribes at the San Diego Union-Tribune, as well as the declining readership that continues to rely ...


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