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Chargers redeclare wish for downtown stadium

Couple it with convention center, says team lawyer (again)

Chargers spokesman Mark Fabiani sent out an email this afternoon (February 23), stating that the Chargers are shooting for a combined stadium/convention center downtown. No surprise. As the team was trying to get to Los ...

Introducing Faulconer's brain, ethically speaking

City ethics panel taps controversial mayoral insider for political cash talk

There's apparently nothing like hearing it from the horse’s mouth, in this case the orifice of a controversial inside political player closely tied to San Diego's big-money Republican political establishment, judging from a recent announcement ...

Rubio's Roe boat floats Faulconer

Controversial Qualcomm stadium food-service lobbyist heads for presidential hustings

As Chargers owner Dean Spanos continues his public relations tour of friendly local media, one of his key opposites on the political team of Republican mayor Kevin Faulconer has suddenly turned up on the presidential ...

Political slime haunts Chargers' new point man

$1 billion subsidized stadium riding on anti-DeMaio opposition research king

Yet another chapter in the byzantine history of the wandering football team known as the Chargers has begun with the recruitment by Dean Spanos of Fred Maas to come up with a taxpayer-subsidized scheme for ...

Could San Diego voters kill Raiders and Moores schemes?

1998's Proposition E and the fallout of mandatory stadium subsidy voting

Dean Spanos and hired gun Mark Fabiani may be finally headed for L.A., but whether the Chargers go or not, plans to use public money to build a new stadium here for them, the Oakland ...

Will tax-funded poll back Faulconer’s stadium?

City wants "resident satisfaction survey" done before January Chargers stadium vote

With polls from the GOP Lincoln Club and the Chargers already vying over whether Kevin Faulconer's hurry-up stadium play has gained traction among San Diego's citizenry, the city is about to launch yet another public ...

Hysteria won't build a stadium

Face it: the Chargers have coveted L.A. for a dozen years

The hysteria level is growing, and it will only blind San Diegans to reality. Nick Canepa, sports columnist for the Union-Tribune, hallucinated in this morning's (July 8) column that "If the Chargers leave, we lose ...

Do secret Jacobs subsidies presage Chargers deal?

Sons of La Jolla's Qualcomm billionaire benefit from Sacramento billboard giveaways

As San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer and county supervisor Ron Roberts run up the public's tab in their frantic bid to keep the Chargers in San Diego, a trial in Sacramento is revealing the kind ...

In San Diego versus Chargers, is next move up to Beutner?

Wealthy publisher favored moving Comic-Con to Los Angeles

The battle between San Diego's Republican mayor Kevin Faulconer and the Chargers, growing fiercer by the day, has turned the San Diego GOP's historic relationship with the team-owning Spanos family on its political head. Patriarch ...

Kevin Faulconer’s stealthy web war

Lincoln Club unloads on Chargers as mayor’s re-election site omits stadium questions

San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer may fall short of the goal in his costly effort keep the Chargers in town, but one thing is certain: his new 2016 re-election website isn’t talking about it. Instead, ...

This is a job for the master of disaster

Edison hired Fabiani; utility company won't turn over documents

San Diego attorneys Mike Aguirre and Maria Severson tonight (April 29) received word from Southern California Edison on the documents it refuses to turn over in a lawsuit the lawyers filed against the company in ...

Faulconer's big-money re-election bid

Brown meet-up, cash committee, stadium deal mark mayoral maneuvers

San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer, an ex–public relations man, has hit the road again, this time to Sacramento to garner publicity for himself and his water proposals in a high-profile meeting with Democratic governor Jerry ...

Could Feds be prowling mayor's Qualcomm food and booze deal?

Staff alleged to have dined on Delaware North delicacies amidst whiff of stadium scandal

How much will it cost San Diego taxpayers to lose the Chargers to Los Angeles? That's the question being bandied about privately at city hall, where an avalanche of bad news and insider lobbying allegations ...

Faulconer insider bags rich stadium deal

Qualcomm food and booze nod given to big client of mayor's political aide

San Diego's growing reputation for secret city deals with those financially linked to GOP mayor Kevin Faulconer is unlikely to be dispelled by the latest news from the Qualcomm Stadium front. The trend first received ...

No ballot tricks, Fabiani tells city

Two-thirds vote needed for public funding, Chargers counsel demands

As recently reported here, the San Diego City Council is grappling with how to pay $271 million in debt service for Petco Park, approved by the citizenry in a 1998 simple-majority "advisory" vote. Sold to ...


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