Piled dirt (covered in plastic) sits near the football field, adjacent to a condo complex

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Toxic Dirt Trucked to Southwest High School?

A large pile of contaminated dirt was reportedly deposited on the Southwest High School campus in the spring of 2010. After 10News.com reported the story last week, the district shrouded the dirt pile in plastic ...


maganny July 10, 2012 @ 1:08 a.m.

My daughter has been going to southwest high for the past 3 years, and ever since she'[s been in color gaurd and almost every day after school she along with other members and the band would practice out there with the dirt ,marching,before that they had to run a mile,my daughter was coming home with headaches every night and i thought it was just stress because of haveing so many classes and now i wonder.....the gaurd got together today for practice, today i'm being told something completely differant that what is being put on the enternet & on the news..........i dont know what to believe and what the **** is going on ,what i know is as far as i'm concerned,i heard it was contaminated so intill its all gone i dont feel safe to have my kid anywhere near there,,so much is being not said, no true answers( beating around the bush ) little said as possible ,so many differant stories, i think another story should done cause there is alot of lying going....things today are scary and hard anough, the one place i felt my daughter was safe at was school and its such a shame to find out ,how unsafe it really is.......someone was able to just dump contaminated dirt and leave it & no one did,or said anything about it intill 2 years later..i'd like to know for what reason was the dirt tested for in the 1st .were there complaint of people getting sick?why all of a sudden? anyways i just wanted to vent thanks


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