Major Warren Dabis: "There was a lot of bad press about the $400,000 salary of a Red Cross executive. I heard that the general of the Salvation Army makes about what I make -- something in the 20,000-dollar range."

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PC Christmas at the San Diego IRS, Salvation Army, the Resolved in Pacific Beach, Temple Beth Shalom, Chula Vista, Vajrarupini Buddhists on Bankers Hill, Bound4Life, Ramona

"We want to go where people are. We don't expect people to come to us. In [Pacific Beach], people are at the bars, parties, and drinking beer, so this is where we go."

San Diego Citadel Corps

The Salvation Army believes Jesus spoke figuratively about breaking bread.

"People are depraved and are slaves to sin. God can forgive us of that sin through Jesus' resurrection," said Major Warren Dabis when asked about the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. "We should ...


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