"When you're 70, she'll be 90."

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Finally the Reader makes you smile

Revenge, men's swimsuit issue, dating age gap, dumpster diving, women think men are hairy women

Revenge We both worked for a now-defunct trucking company that was based in San Diego. He was definitely a strange bird. He talked in CB lingo when he was talking to people in person and ...


What women think of men, June-December romance, divorce the second time, Mom's cancer, when your love is in prison, San Diego twins

Women Think That Men Are Hairy Women Who cares if the hunter leaves home hungry? I was about to participate in a seminar where women spend two days learning about men. I mentioned my upcoming ...

San Diego couples give robbing the cradle respectability

Think of The Graduate's Mrs. Robinson or Harold and Maude?

WHILE THE DEBATE OVER GAY MARRIAGE ROILS THE COUNTRY AND INTERRACIAL COUPLES continue to be stigmatized in many communities, the true frontier of romantic transgression can be found in relationships between people of vastly different ...


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