My dad was a great fan of Vonnegut's, and had all of John Irving's early work. He also had stuff by Woody Allen, and Steve Martin's first book.

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Best of Blog World, 2005

Rachel Pink, Manhattan; Allen Boudreaux, New Orleans; Sam, Mississippi; Elisabeth La CoQuette, Paris; Landismom, New Jersey; Phil Corless, Idaho

Rachel Pink in Manhattan My blog, Rachelpink Rides the Bus, started as a lark over a long weekend. At first it was an exercise in self-restraint. I thought I was talking too much, talking all ...

Landismom in New Jersey

Will I let my kids read Lenny Bruce?

Meaty Reader My kids both love books, and one of the things that I look forward to most as a parent is introducing them to my favorite books. We've read to our kids for almost ...


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