From Esperanto site. All nouns end in o, adjectives end in a, and adverbs end in e.

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Turn-of-the-century websites — still kicking

Prison penpals, ghost towns, rabbit nuts, Ayn Rand, duct tape, Padres, Russian subs for sale, Lescaux caves, Esperanto, urinals, Hunter Thompson, Russian brides, Ridout Plastics

San Diego's spiritualists battle local scientists San Diego is a logical venue for disputes over the paranormal: it is home to alternative lifestylers and first-rate science and research institutions. The landscape of the region also ...

Esperanto — no irregular verbs

The geek problem

Se vi povus legi cition, vi komprenas Esperanton. If the degree of a manifesto’s passion and ardor were any test, the Prague Manifesto would be an important one: “Any system of communication which confers lifelong ...


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