Pacifica Strings. "I can think of at least two or three instances playing in La Jolla and here around Soledad Mountain Road where we’ve been stuck in a corner and nobody even said a word to us."

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San Diego's serious music

Harry Partch, Gustavo Romero, Diamanda Galas, Pacific Strings, inside the opera, best organs, best pianos, the composer, the concertmaster, the piano tuner, the tenor, the symphony player’s wife

The Partch Reverberations The instruments are in varying states of sickness and health. While some can be replaced – improved even, as is the case with the New Boo built by local composer Cris Forster ...

Pacifica Strings, one of San Diego’s few long-lived string quartets

We never push ourselves on anyone

Unlike, say, rock-and-roll bands, classical musicians in a quartet are not required to exhibit personalities as they perform. A tuxedoed homogeneity and a serious sameness of expression will do nicely, thank you. If the performers ...


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