Rodolfo Curiel shares something strangely in common with other prominent San Diegans — he lived in San Diego, California. Curiel was a linebacker for Serra High School's team in the late '80s, and his picture hangs on the "Wall of Fame" in the Round Table Pizza in Tierrasanta.

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Abe Opincar and the Reader

Love of TJ, drugs on Market St., Neil Morgan and Walter Cronkite, John Steinbeck IV, Susan Sontag, David Sedaris, Tom Metzger's son, torture in Tijuana, Mother Teresa's priests, Dr. Seuss

Opincar wrote for the Reader from 1984 through 2008. He is the author of Fried Butter (Soho Press, 2003). Editor's picks of stories Opincar wrote for the Reader: My psychiatrist is dead; all falls apart ...

Original ideas

Men imagine life as a woman, "Okie" as a racial eptithet, and same-name similarities (or not)

If I’d been born a woman Ask any man you know if he’d like to be a woman, you get an automatic “No.” Too messy. Too emotional. Too hard. Most men can’t imagine going through ...

San Diego, Texas

Our tiny, Southern namesake and its vast, luminous sky

Our namesake lies due west of Corpus Christi, past flat miles of sorghum, wheat and cotton fields, and towns with shops smelling of blood that, for pennies per pounds, will butcher the deer you shot ...


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