Mark Anthony in his cell. He will be 43 years old before he is eligible for parole.

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Take a deep breath

San Diego's saddest stories, part II

The blood upon his hands In May of 1979, while he was a teaching assistant at UCSD’s drama department, he won the role of Agamemnon in Orestes! Orestes!, an adaptation of the ancient Greek tragedy. ...

San Diego characters: counterculture and crime

Skateboarder Gator up for murder, Karen Wilkening’s arrest and jail time, Metabolife’s brush with law, Michael Page and music underground

Sandals, Bell-Bottoms, a Medallion The canyon was just a dream for a little boy. We had trails, paths, and forts. There was a lot of bamboo growing in the canyon, which isn’t indigenous to this ...

Mark "Gator" Anthony beats, rapes, strangles Jessica Bergsten, buries her in desert.

Dude amps out

Seeing the picture of Jessica, and seeing it in the presence of Constantino, was too much for Gator. One night, after a Bible study at Constantino’s house. Gator returned to the house with tears streaming down his face.


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