Cleaver and 24 other dealers refused to sign the final contract. As of last Saturday night, they have all been put out of business.

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The fall of the Union-Tribune’s Copleys

Sex discrimination at the Tribune, death of the Tribune, David’s new house, Nixon-Copley letters, Morgan’s embarrassing book on Dr. Seuss, David’s DUIs

Copley, Morgan Depositions Show Loose Reins at Tribune Copley maintained she makes it a policy not to attend any board meetings. When an attorney asked, "Under what circumstances would [Morgan] discuss with you matters that ...

The Union-Tribune’s midnight massacre of their dealers

A contract dispute with the U-T's distributors

Dealers were notified that if they did not sign the new contract by July 31, they would no longer be provided with newspapers and their newsstand newsrack locks would be forcibly removed.


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