It was the guns that were making me nervous, the guns and the Anza-Borrego desert in dead silence, the broken beer bottles and the spent shell casings at our feet like seashells on a beach.

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What we love chooses us

San Diego clubs: Star Wars, Mensa, mahjongg, go, chess, crosswords, cars, guns, bingo, gardening, stamp-collecting, dungeons and dragons

Mind Game Everett Boyer, a twenty-four-year-old computer programmer, controls a character of some renown in San Diego, the powerful Elrond. (The character appears originally in Tolkien’s The Hobbit.) This blond and sturdy elf has acquired ...

We drove into the In-ko-pah Mountains to shoot

The great irony of guns as a way of life

I was in back with Wil and Rudy and Rudy’s two boys. Wil and I had just graduated from UCSD some months ago. Rudy has never been to college, but he had been in the army.


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