I opened the door of my box and stepped outside. Lying close to the ground, I crawled for a short distance past the meeting rooms of the camp commander.

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True adventures of San Diego, part 2

San Dieguito River, hitching on trucks, waterless in Borrego, escape from Vietnam, Devil's Peak in Baja, accident in Baja, wild horses of Coyote Canyon

Three days along the San Dieguito I knew I’d made a bad mistake. I jumped back, but it was already too late. A yellow, foul-smelling mist rained down on me. It was a direct hit, ...

Vietnam War, remembered

By sailors on Navy ships, by grunts, refugees who escaped, artists, and authors

Morale Seemed So High Mark said he’d had some bitter experiences with black sailors on the ship. When a group of recruits came on board, he lined them up to get some paperwork information. “Hey, ...

World history pawns

Spanish civil war vets, Vietnamese journalist boat people, U.S. slaves of Japan in Philippines, Korean War vets, Sacco and Vanzetti, Hotel Del removes pro-Nazi Windsors

For Whom the Bell Tolled A Spanish Civil War story Dave Chriss balances a Scotch and water on the arm of a crushed-velvet chair in his Mira Mesa living room. He awaits the arrival of ...

From Saigon to San Diego: a tale of survival.


They locked me in a metal box that was just big enough for one person to lie down in. I stayed in that miserable box for nine days.


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