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Read and weep

San Diego's saddest stories

A bump on the head could kill Chris O'Rourke One in three persons survives Hodgkin's disease, but O'Rourke's chances appear not to be that good, because his case was discovered in its advanced stages. he's ...

Adventures you may be glad you only read about

Blueback sub duty, extreme bicycling, wildfire, smuggling into Poland, smuggling from TJ, mystery of the Gypsy Song

Aboard the Blueback "Our people need to know what the bad guys are going to sound like — if they ever become bad guys .... Excuse me,” Fargo says suddenly. “Chief, do you smell smoke?” ...

Mystery of the Gypsy Song

Boat never makes it from Guatemala to San Diego

It's the fourth of July at 6:30 a.m., and we’re driving down the twenty-seven-mile highway between Tapachula and Puerto Madero. the southernmost port on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Ken Franke, a retired Coast Guard captain and ...


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