John Howard. Blood has soaked his sock and collected in his shoe. His wrist hangs in languid pain.

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Adventures you may be glad you only read about

Blueback sub duty, extreme bicycling, wildfire, smuggling into Poland, smuggling from TJ, mystery of the Gypsy Song

Aboard the Blueback "Our people need to know what the bad guys are going to sound like — if they ever become bad guys .... Excuse me,” Fargo says suddenly. “Chief, do you smell smoke?” ...

John Howard has had his eye on Dr. Allan Abbott’s land speed record for bike riding

He has left a lot of skin on America’s highways

Phone call. Long distance. Late one night in September. “John,” said a female voice John Howard recognized as that of his ex-wife in Houston. “I’ve been having these dreams, John.” “Dreams?” “Bad dreams. Dreams that ...


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