Le Petit Soldat — has anyone see this movie?

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Movies, 40 years ago

1975 Oscars, Billy Jack, what is it about porn, San Diego art houses, the problem with sequels, Godard's disciple, Jean-Pierre Gorin, at UCSD

The New Hollywood The central problem seems to be, How can they avoid giving it to Bogdanovich? or to Coppola? or to Nicholson? or to Hoffman? (It should probably be kept in mind that this ...

Early Sixties – height of movies as most universal art form

Perhaps an audience could be coaxed into looking at Franju, Papatakis, Shindo, Duras.

In the early Sixties, at the height of enthusiasm for movies as the most universal art form (probably the highest high of enthusiasm since before movies abandoned silence and split into separate tongues), there was ...


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