How do you handle telemarketers?

Asked by Josh Board

November 1, 2007

Photo of Lindsay Gulliver

Lindsay Gulliver

From Santee (Sales and Marketing)

It's always dinner. When they call I say, "I'm sorry, I just sat down for dinner." That usually works. It doesn't even matter if it's around dinner. I used to say, "Why don't you give me your number and I'll call you back when you're having dinner." Sometimes I'll simply say I'm not interested and hang up.

Photo of Anna Paul

Anna Paul

From La Jolla (Cake Decorater)

Well, I just say, "No, thank you," and then hang up. I don't want to give them a chance to say their spiel. It seems it works better that way. Once they start talking, it's hard to break in. And then you feel like you are being rude. So, I try to cut them off early on in the conversation.

Photo of Dominique Andrews

Dominique Andrews

From Mission Valley (Waitress)

I will yell and cuss at them. No, not really. I usually listen to them for a few minutes and then try to get them off the phone. Not that that always works. I probably shouldn't let them talk for a few minutes, because then it makes it hard to get them off the phone. It helps that I don't have a house phone now, only a cell phone.

Photo of Rhonda Ciardetti

Rhonda Ciardetti

From San Carlos (Info Technology)

I tell them I'm on the no-call list. Sometimes that works. Sometimes, they'll keep talking even after that. If they continue and won't stop, I tell them I'm going to have to report them. I might ask for the name of their supervisor or the company. At that point, they usually hang up. I think after five years, you have to put your name on that list again.

Photo of Doug Douglas

Doug Douglas

From South Bay (Probation Officer)

I'm not interested, but I do it in as polite a manner as possible. Usually that works. If it doesn't, I say it again and tell them I'm in a hurry. I picture someone at the other end, at some call center. And I realize they hate calling me as much as I hate listening. I keep that in mind, but at the same time, I don't want it to waste a lot of my time.

Isabella Chavez

From Alpine (Operator)

I will say that I'm sorry and tell them I'm not interested. I then hang up immediately. If you don't, they'll try to get their second spiel in. I put my phone number on that opt-out list, and that really helped a lot. Although I'm starting to get the calls again, and I'm not really sure why.


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