What TV show would you like to be on?

Asked by Josh Board

March 29, 2007

Josh Cass

From Golden Hill (Musician)

Arrested Development. I love that show. I would probably create a character that is David's former assistant or someone at his job. That would be fun. And, it's one of the shows that you have to watch from the very beginning or you'll be completely lost.

Robbie Lawson

From Hillcrest (Movie theater employee)

The Price Is Right. It's a game show, not a sitcom, but it's on the TV. I'd be on it every day, winning both the showcases in the showdown at the end. I'd have a lot of prizes accumulated. I'd have a whole fleet of cars.

Laura Kern

From Pacific Beach (Mailroom)

Monty Python's Flying Circus. They had very few women on that show. And when they did use women, they were always very hot. Being a part of such a classic comedy show would be thrilling. And just think, working with all those talented guys. They all went on to such great things.

Colleen Bordon

From Bonita (Student)

I would want to be on a comedy improv show like Curb Your Enthusiasm. That's something I wouldn't mind doing. If it was a sitcom, it would've been great to be a character on Seinfeld. Or, to have been the secretary on the British version of The Office. The boss was just so funny and clueless.

Dominick Nunes

From Ocean Beach (Deli employee)

If I could be animated, The Simpsons. It would be great to be a resident of Springfield. I like South Park, too. But, being Otto's buddy and driving the bus sometimes and hanging out at Homer's house... I could work at a pizza and deli in Springfield.

Alex Culley

From Ocean Beach (Pizza parlor)

Family Guy. It would be cool to be the bartender at the Drunken Clam. It's my favorite show and I'm from Boston. That show is supposed to take place in Rhode Island. And, they show the Drunken Clam in almost every episode.


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