What famous person do people say you look like?

Asked by Josh Board

March 8, 2007

Scott Caro

From Downtown (Deli manager)

When I had a goatee and a red hat, people said I looked like Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. Every party I'd go to, people would joke about that. I'd have to turn my cap backwards like him. Every room I'd walk into, people would say, "Fred Durst!" My facial hair is different now, and I don't hear people say it as much.

Yeshwa Wiles

From City Heights (Sage distributor)

Jesus. It's because of my facial hair and the long hair. I hear it often. Well, when I wear my hair down. People I know say it, but even strangers will come up to me and say it, too. I'll be walking down the street, and people come up and say, "You look like Jesus."

Alice Fales

From Normal Heights (Regional manager)

Sometimes I get Sarah Jessica Parker. She's the one I've gotten most recently, anyway. I've also gotten Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. That works, since my name is Alice. I took this quiz online. It was to see which character from Alice in Wonderland you were most like. It said I was most like Alice, so...maybe people are right.

Jess Weaver

From Gaslamp (Drafter)

I used to get that actor from The Outsiders, what's his name? Matt Dillon. One time, two girls came up to me and said I looked like that actor from Phone Booth. Colin Farrell. The woman I was with wasn't too happy. It all depends how I have my hair and if I have a goatee or not.

Bill Wesley

From North Park (Musical instrument maker)

In Pacific Beach around 1975, two girls came running out of a bar. They were beautiful. They were so sure I was David Bowie. They ran down the street after me. They asked if I was. I said I wasn't. But at that moment, I sure wish I was.

Eric Pratt

From Point Loma (Student)

I used to hear I looked like that kid in Wonder Years all the time. Fred Savage. But, that show hasn't been on in a while. And, I'm older now. So is he. And when Ozzy Osbourne's reality show came out, people said I looked like his son Jack.


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