Have you ever won anything?

Asked by Josh Board

December 13, 2007

Photo of Nicole Garcia

Nicole Garcia

From Mission Valley (Waitress)

I never win anything. But my friend...she always does. It's crazy how much stuff she wins. She has won tickets to Coachella. She's won a stack of CDs from a radio station. In fact, she's won concert tickets from a lot of radio stations. I remember she won tickets to see the Smashing Pumpkins. I don't usually get to go to any of these things with her, though, because she takes her boyfriend.

Photo of Kevin Crandall

Kevin Crandall

From Fashion Valley (Student)

My luck must not be so great. I don't usually win things. I've entered some contests over the years but never seem to win. My biggest win to date is a $50 lottery ticket. That was pretty sweet.

Photo of Nikki Dimovski

Nikki Dimovski

From Indiana (Test Analyst)

Recently, I did. I won a football autographed by Brad Maynard, the punter for the Chicago Bears. He does a weekly radio show, and they had a contest where you had to text in a word he said. I kept texting it. Each time it would thank me, and it was filling up my phone. I finally got a response that said I was the winner. I was so excited. He went to Ball State, the same college as I did. I'm a big fan. But when I told everyone I worked with, nobody seemed to care or even know who he was.

Photo of Jeff Andersen

Jeff Andersen

From El Cajon (Photographer)

I won a Nintendo from a raffle that McDonald's was having. It was an original Nintendo, not one of these Wii's that the kids have now. I was probably seven at the time. I was with my parents and filled out the raffle form, and a month later they called and told me I won. But, my older brother stole it and sold it, since he already had one. I didn't get any of the money either.

Photo of Arielle Levine

Arielle Levine

From Hawaii (University Employee)

I was eight years old, and I won a mini Persian rug. My parents were into rug auctions, and it was at one of those events. I was so excited by it. The thing was only 9" x 9". And, I think I had it up until the time I went to college. They probably still have it. It was my only quality possession. Besides scholarships, that's the only thing I've ever won.

Photo of Adrian Vargas

Adrian Vargas

From Clairemont (Waiter)

I've won gift certificates in the past. But the best thing I ever won was probably a bicycle. That was back in elementary school where I grew up. I was in fifth grade, and I was the grand-prize winner for having perfect attendance.


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