Have you had a horrible roommate?

Asked by Josh Board

August 23, 2007

Nicole Willemssen

From Bay Park (Student)

It was last semester at Sonoma State, for the entire year. Our dorms were like suites, with two bedrooms and two people in each room. My friend and I both cleaned; the other two didn't. And this one girl had a shower caddy with a lot of mold. I kept telling her to clean it. She was just really ditzy. Finally, it was clean. I went for a run that day and, when I got home, used my washcloth on my face. It had this gross mold all over it. I don't like confrontations, and it was her birthday. She threw the caddy out a week later, too. She also burned popcorn all the time, and when the alarm went off, she stood there confused.

Mary Ann Cox

From Point Loma (Secretary)

One of my best friends now was horrible to live with. She was a nervous, neurotic mess. At 24, she was a virgin. If we met a few nice guys, she couldn't relax. She might go to the bathroom and climb out the window. She wore wigs all the time, and in my closet, she put all these heads with wigs. She was a total health nut. And, she wasn't bashful. She'd walk around completely naked. I didn't like it.

Tim Green

From Vista (Computers)

When I was going to the University of Oregon, I got kicked out of the Christian dorms for having a few female friends up there. So, they put me in a dorm that was disastrous. I walked in and there was a horrible smell and a few empty packs of beer under the sheets. This roommate, Leif, from Haight-Ashbury, would steal from everyone. He threw up in all the wastebaskets. One time I fell asleep with my childhood sweetheart right next to me. I woke up to someone rubbing my chest. I was surprised because her and I had a platonic friendship. I look over and it's him. He's moved his bed next to mine, and then his hand slid farther down. I jumped up and started screaming at him. I made such a scene that this girl never wanted to see me again.

Michael Scott

From Vista (Teacher)

I've had a few over the years that were too loud. But the worst was a lady in Rancho Bernardo that owned a big house and rented the rooms out. She insisted that you take your shoes off before coming inside. But you couldn't walk around the house barefoot because she didn't want the oils from your feet touching the carpet. Also, you couldn't just take your shoes off at the front door and walk in. You had to put on a new pair of socks. What made this so hard to figure out was that she had a little dog that would crap all over the floors and carpets. She had bowls of cat food in the laundry room that were always filthy and had ants. It would be a week before she cleaned. Sometimes, the dog would be wearing a diaper because it wasn't trained. There were other annoying things she did, but when she screamed at me once for being barefoot, I decided to move out. And the cursing she did then, I won't even get into.

Steve Carson

From El Cajon (Self-employed)

I was lucky. I always had cool roommates. And, when it was female roommates, usually we hooked up at some point. One time these women got me stoned as I slept. They blew their smoke into my face. It was crazy. Oh, I did have this one roommate who had friends that didn't bathe. They were scummy dope heads, and they came over and were sitting on the couch. One of them was sitting on his feet. When I was on the couch later, it smelled horrible. I told him to tell his friends to bathe, and we had a fight about that. I think he felt like he had to defend his friends.

Claudia Ural

From Clairemont (Seamstress)

It was a friend I'd known for five years. When his roommate moved out, I moved in. I left after a month. I wanted to tear my hair out. He was an emotional wreck. He would spend hundreds of dollars on things. Once he bought a $900 jacket. Then he couldn't afford to pay for his therapy. My husband, when he and I were dating, heard him yelling at me once and was ready to hit him. We're no longer friends, and my husband has been my only roommate since.


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