Which superhero would you like for a neighbor?

Asked by Josh Board

August 9, 2007

Mike Bayless

From Hillcrest (Architect)

It would have to be the Invisible Man. We could get away with murder. Oh, wait. I guess it would just be him getting away with murder. I'd go with Superman. He could fly fast around the world so we could go back in time, and we could then erase our mistakes.

C. Alexandria

From Ocean Beach (Business Owner)

My pick would be Wonder Woman or Cat Woman. There would be a lot of fun parties. And we'd all hang out together. The best part would be, I'd never know who they'd bring home. It would be a variety of male superheroes.

Dixie Forester

From Hillcrest (Waitress)

It would have to be Spiderman. I like all his kung fu moves. My second choice would be Wolverine. He's got all those amazing instincts. He can smell things from miles away. And just think...right next door, I'd have the ultimate security dog.

Max Kern

From Downtown (Carnie)

I want to be original and pick a superhero nobody else has. I can't think of an obscure one to go with, so I'll just say Batman. I'd get to ride in his Batmobile and play with all his cool gadgets. I could hang out in his mansion and drink all the beer he has on tap.

T. J. Ryan

From Point Loma (Bartender)

I bet the women would all choose Superman, because they'd get to live next to Clark Kent. I'll pick Wonder Woman, obviously. She might get mad if I park in her parking space or accidentally run into her invisible car. Although, she could park in the red zone and nobody would know.

Marc Plummer

From Ocean Beach (Barback)

It might be cool to live next to the Incredible Hulk. He could help me move stuff, even my car. Or, if someone is parked in my spot, he could move their car. I suppose his temper would be a problem. I just wouldn't get on his bad side.


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