What was your scariest experience?

Asked by Josh Board

April 12, 2007

Cassandra Schramm

From Mira Mesa (Muralist)

It was on Halloween. My friend was trying to get everyone to go out into the back yard for a party since it was decorated. It was crowded in the house, and he touched one guy's back trying to get people outside. That guy started screaming things at him, implying the guy was gay. He got his friends to jump this guy, and they threw him through a coffee table. The glass shattered and it broke his back. I was dressed like an angel but ended up covered in blood. Someone pulled out a knife. Some people pulled out guns. I ran door to door trying to get help. A few guys knew judo and were kicking him. They broke his nose, a cheekbone...it was scary.

Heather Moore

From Tierrasanta (Life Insurance Underwriter)

My son was two. He cut his finger and needed 32 stitches. Instead of a local, they put him under. During that, he flatlined. I was freaking out. They had given him too much anesthesia at once, and now they were trying to bring him back. They wheeled in the crash cart to resurrect him. The whole thing took about five to ten minutes, but it felt like hours.

Kimberly Agnos

From Carlsbad (Accountant)

Riding my bike, my foot slipped off the pedal. The bike fell on my spleen. My sister told me to walk home. My neighbor carried me up a hill. I went to a clinic and started throwing up. They felt my stomach, and then I was being put on a helicopter. I remember they weren't letting my parents on the helicopter, which scared me. My feet felt the breeze of the blades. And, they put a feeding tube down my nose, going into my stomach. They told me to swallow. My mom wasn't there, which is scary for a child. I ended up in the hospital for a week.

Jordan Davidson

From Valley Center (Model)

I didn't sleep for a week. It was when I was doing a lot of crystal. I didn't realize I was just having hallucinations. I was in my bedroom and smelled a man's cologne. Then I saw someone in my closet. I was afraid to go to my parents' bedroom because I'd have to run by the closet. I finally did and he was chuckling. My dad grabbed a baseball bat. And, nobody was in my room. I thought I saw him run out the back door. My parents were telling me nobody was there. They thought I was on LSD and other drugs. But, that hallucination scared me enough to stop doing crystal.

Julie Clemmons

From Ramona (Actress)

I was going to college in Seattle. One afternoon in a parking lot near a cathedral where I was walking my cat, a tattooed guy on a motorcycle across the street was looking at me. I saw him again as I went to get my mail. As I walked back to my apartment, I realized he'd now know where I lived. I locked my door and then I saw him walk by the window. I closed it and saw him come back around and try to open the door. I called the police and went to the back. It took them 30 minutes to get there. I could see the tattoos on his wrist through the window. I was just trying to remember them, in case I'd need to identify him later.

Alex Pert

From Santee (Construction Foreman)

It was 1991. I was working in an office building in Mission Valley. It was open in the center of the complex, and you could see all the suites and hallways. I was walking into the office after a meeting when I heard a woman screaming and running down the hall directly across from me, one floor up. There was a guy with a gun pointed at her head, chasing her down the hallway. I yelled at the guy, hoping he would get startled. My co-worker grabbed me and pulled me into the office and locked the door. We were all freaked out. The guy pulled the trigger but the gun jammed. He ran off, jumped in his car, but was arrested later.


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