Bamboo at the manyotherworldly Sarah Duke Gardens, Durham NC

Bamboo at the manyotherworldly Sarah Duke Gardens, Durham NC

rolling hills of west virginia

rolling hills of west virginia

Monticello, Charlottesville, VA.

Monticello, Charlottesville, VA.

Coast Line below Mogehan Trail, Block Island

Coast Line below Mogehan Trail, Block Island

United States

An L.A. brewery now open in La Jolla

Absolution finds its way back into town

Back in 2013, Reader Beer News reported that a planned local brewery, Absolution Brewing Company, had made the decision to join the unsaturated Los Angeles beer scene, rather than San Diego. Having thrived in its ...

Ballast Point joins forces with Disney

A Sculpin house for the Mouse

They took San Diego beer to the World Series, and now they're going to Disneyland. Ballast Point Brewing has announced plans for later this year to open the first-ever brewery at the Disneyland Resort in ...

Tronc’s Times newsroom blowback

San Diego's big sister ponders moving to Santa Monica

Chicago wheeler-dealer Michael Ferro's tronc, which has been shrinking the staff and newsroom space of the San Diego Union-Tribune, is encountering resistance from Los Angeles Times staffers, worried about putative plans to move the U-T’s ...

UCSD composer's opera a light amid the hate

Anthony Davis: "I believe the country is in peril."

“I’m very concerned about the future,” says composer and UCSD professor Anthony Davis, who has never shied away from controversial subjects. “That’s why it’s important for me to continue to write about political events because ...

Merry tronc and a very happy Ferro

Honcho gifted with new $15 million consulting deal

While the scribes at his oddly named newspaper chain continue to worry about their jobs, year's end has brought considerable new riches for Michael Ferro, the Chicago-based wizard of tronc. That jolly word for Ferro ...

In pursuit of Nirvana

Ex-91X DJ Marco Collins talks about the storage unit that got away

Former 91X DJ Marco Collins resides in Seattle now, but he still rents a storage space in San Diego. The unit is notable because it houses a large amount of unique music memorabilia that he ...

Kill your boyfriend, go to jail

David Meza's pregnant girlfriend knew about Jake Merendino's murder

Twenty-seven-year-old David Enrique Meza of Imperial Beach was sentenced in federal court to life in prison today (December 11th). He had fatally stabbed and nearly decapitated Texas retiree Jake Clyde Merendino on May 2, 2015, ...

Florida blues behind her

Lindsay Perry's western migration pays off

Although there are some decent surf breaks back home, pro surfer Lindsay Perry says Central Florida is nothing like San Diego. “My dad used to catch alligators with his hands,” she says about her upbringing ...

Giant leak kills Manchester's grand-opening plans

Texas hotel nearing finish, but not until February

Donald Trump may be plagued by more than his share of leaks, but nothing like those of La Jolla's Doug Manchester, the president's ambassadorial nominee to the Bahamas, who reportedly needed real plumbers to handle ...

Hipster L.A.: Los Feliz, Echo Park, Silver Lake

You don't even have to drive there — take the Pacific Surfliner to Union Station.

In many different neighborhoods, L.A. is seeing a positive increase in the number of artistic and creative establishments: from hip clothing stores to shared workspaces to unique bars and cafes. Downtown, Highland Park, East Los ...

Twelve Bellini holy pictures at the Getty

A precious event so close to San Diego

Pictures sometimes become devotional objects or pilgrimage destinations. Their contents have the feeling of secular-sacred spaces. The room called the Living Hall in New York’s Frick Collection houses several robust portraits, Titian’s force-of-nature Pietro Aretino ...

Report: Bridgepoint and Arizona colluded for GI Bill funds

"How can we help?" wrote an education-policy adviser of the governor

The Phoenix New Times, reporting on an investigation by the Chronicle of Higher Education, says that controversial for-profit education firm known as Bridgepoint Education colluded with officials in Arizona to get GI Bill funds that ...

What SDPD narcs learned about weed in Colorado

“There remains a thriving black market for marijuana.”

On the eve of the election in which California voters legalized recreational marijuana use in 2016, San Diego police chief Shelley Zimmerman sent a team of narcs to Denver to learn how things were going ...

A lesson in pine cones

San Jacinto Peak in neighbor Riverside County

Mount San Jacinto State Park in neighboring Riverside County has plenty of hiking trails to satisfy those looking for a full-day adventure within a mountain setting. The hike to San Jacinto Summit (10,834 feet) is ...

All eyes on Richmond, Virginia

The former Confederate capital is rich in Civil War history and foodie finds.

Richmond, the capital of Virginia, is a college town, a Federal Reserve site and the location of the 4th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. There’s culture, a solid economic base and as it’s located on ...