Tin Fork

Misses moon shadow but not french toast

Eclipse leads to West Coast Cafe

This happened on the morning of the eclipse. I’m speed-walking down Palm Avenue, trying to get to the I.B. pier in time to catch the big event, and maybe some brekky out there at the ...

Kettner's grape pushback

A tangy English cow cheese, an Italian goat cheese, a Spanish “grassy” goat cheese, and a Manchego Spanish sheep cheese

"Stop and smell the rosé,” says the sidewalk sign. Huh. Are we seeing the start of a wine pushback, after all these glorious beer years? This is happening quite a ways up Kettner, Little Italy’s ...

Buyout talk at 10 Barrel

“It’s been good. We’ve been able to grow."

‘Yeah, some folks in San Diego gave us a hard time, but I think they’re over that now,” says Chris. The grumbling? 10 Barrel Brewing, the new brew pub at 15th and E, had ridden ...

Harpooned swordfish at India Street's Ironside

Expense account guy spikes his drinks

‘This is how you make a decent cocktail,” says Doug. He sneaks out a nubbly silver pocket flask, opens it, then slides his glass of whiskey sour under the counter and starts secretly pouring bourbon ...

Surprised by ceviche in City Heights

Raw fish showing up everywhere

All I wanted was a poke place. Because poke places are popping up like mushrooms. They’re the thing. I mean, raw fish makes it into the cool crowd’s diet? This I gotta see. That’s what ...

The historic Nanking becomes Vietnamese Food Shop

Asian Grab and Go

Something’s staring back at me through the chainlink fencing. Sunlight glints through the sockets of his eyes. Wow. King Kong? His giant skull. In bits. On the grass. “Buddy, I said bring the drill,” says ...

Chaldean pizza, Chaldean ribs

What's inside counts

"It’s the only thing that’ll settle the kids down for the evening,” says Mr. F. He’s talking about this place’s big deal: “Pizza, $5.99.” And that’s for a 14-inch pepperoni pie. A big permanent sign ...

BLVD's small plates and the blues

Sunday night surprise in La Mesa

La Mesa on a Sunday night? Looks deader than a dodo on downers. Okay, a couple of bars send out lights like lonely lighthouses. Chances for eats? Ha! But then, someone’s just put this sandwich ...

On the water, planning taco brasserie on Champs Elysées

King and Queen of Pork set up on Embarcadero

"Elvis? He stole Roy Orbison’s thunder.” John’s serious. “Roy was the bigger talent. Just because Elvis had the looks, all the girls went for him. But Roy was the great one.” John is kinda qualified ...

Great cheesy gunk

Lunge into a feed at Cafe 21

"Messy Hair, Don’t Care.” That’s what the back of this girl’s T-shirt reads. I can just see her and her boyfriend through the leaves of the grape bower. They’re chowing, chatting, cooing, billing. But actually ...

Alpha Project opens its first restaurant

Pizza, pasta, panini, and programs

Oh, man. Two steps forward, one step back. People have had their hopes raised a lot for this end of East Village. First, Quartyard opened, was a raging success, then it closed. Then that sidewalk ...

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