San Diego Theater Reviews

American Hero at Different Stages

Sandwiched between a rock and a corporate place

Three recruits train for a new job. Brash Jamie’s in a custody battle for her three children; timid Sheri works the night shift at El Taco but needs a day-job, too, and sleeps at most ...

How theater folk memorize their lines

"When you own them, then you can really begin to play."

Actors get asked one question more than all the others. Not about a favorite play or character, or actor. Not how they played a certain scene so effectively. It’s much more basic. "How do you ...

Craig Noel Award Nominees for 2016

Musical Direction Charlie Alterman, October Sky, Old Globe Theatre Mark Danisovsky, Sunday in the Park with George, Ion Theatre Tony Houck, Oklahoma! New Village Arts Don LeMaster, Ragtime, San Diego Musical Theatre Elan McMahan, Titanic: ...

Theater year in review: performance

Curtain call of 2016's favorite performers

For San Diego Theater in 2016, I wish everyone could have seen the following: 1918 at the Fringe Festival. La Moana, a dance troupe from New Zealand, arrived with no fanfare and blew audiences to ...

Theater year in review: Design

A good — but not great — year in local theater

I sometimes get asked “Who’s your favorite writer?” “What’s your favorite play?” Well, Shakespeare and Chekhov certainly, Michel de Montaigne, whose wisdom grows as I grow older. But what about Homer or Simone Weil, or ...

Back to the 1940s

Advertisers got hip and realized that everybody was changing the channel when the commercials came on.

Not a lot of people know this, but I wasn’t actually around in the 1940s. It’s true! I was still waiting for my parents to get born so that I could get born; but I’ve ...

Last Call: The Normal Heart at Ion Theatre

Stage and house seats haunted

One of the best, most moving shows of 2016 must close this Sunday, December 23. In many ways, Ion Theatre’s intimate space is the perfect site for Larry Kramer’s bulging epic about the early years ...

My acting bucket list: Karole Foreman

"While I am still crawling around on the planet..."

I’m asking actors and designers to name their five dream roles/projects and say why. The answers not only reveal aspirations, they may put an idea in the minds of artistic directors and producers — even ...

Miracle on 34th Street at San Diego Musical Theatre

Watch the sound effects in a live musical radio play

It is the holiday season and thus the fare has changed. Many theaters repeat old favorites to ring in the festive mood. Besides the obvious suspects, there are newer offerings. For the past five years, ...

We are all Scrooge

The redemption by Christmas spirit is something that doesn’t read much these days

As the redemption of Scrooge drew nigh, I realized that there could be a better application of these characters. What if all the characters in A Christmas Carol are aspects of each of us? What ...

The Wholehearted at La Jolla Playhouse

Today’s story packaged for superficial entertainment and exploitation

Christy Martin wore pink as a boxer and posing for the cover of Sports Illustrated. When her husband and trainer for 20 years thought she was having an affair, he stabbed her three times in ...

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