A fitness routine surrounded by natural sights and sounds

Over 100-year-old oaks and wildlife abound at Potrero Regional Park

A fitness routine surrounded by natural sights and sounds

Liberty Station NTC Park landmarks: from Louis Rose Point to Top Gun

Explore the paths and enjoy great views from this former Navy facility

Liberty Station NTC Park landmarks: from Louis Rose Point to Top Gun

Follow part of the early stagecoach line between Poway and Escondido

The views of the surrounding hills and of San Pasqual Agricultural Preserve are outstanding

Follow part of the early stagecoach line between Poway and Escondido

An unassuming cemetery in Mission Hills

Salvaged tombstones are the only indication that Calvary Cemetery ever existed

An unassuming cemetery in Mission Hills

Hosp's loss, Carlsbad's gain

A eucalyptus forest with scenic views of Buena Vista Lagoon.

The many eucalyptus trees (Eucalyptus globulus) growing in this part of Carlsbad were originally planted by F.W. Hosp, an Oceanside nurseryman, who hoped to use the wood for railroad ties, bridges, and trestles. Hosp and ...

Trans-County—South Poway Trail

Hike an urban section of the Trans-County Trail

The South Poway Trail is part of San Diego’s 110-mile Trans-County Trail, currently incomplete, that will eventually extend from the Anza Borrego Desert State Park to the Pacific Ocean near Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. ...

Luelf Pond County Preserve

The cycle of fire and renewal can be seen here

Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood of Ramona is a seldom-visited picturesque spot known as Luelf Pond. The pond and County Preserve were most likely named after Oscar Luelf, who was a member of the ...

Morrison Pond

Visit a partially-secluded and quiet spot in Sweetwater Regional Summit Park.

Once the site of a sand and gravel quarry, Morrison Pond is now a partially-secluded spot within the Sweetwater Regional Summit Park that is great for nature watching. It is an open preserve with multiple ...

Stonebridge Trail: San Elijo Lagoon

Enjoy the diverse natural environments of the eastern portion of the San Elijo Ecological Reserve.

The San Elijo Ecological Reserve protects one of the largest remaining wetlands in Southern California as well as the bordering hills containing dense stands of maritime chaparral and coastal sage scrub. The Stonebridge Trail takes ...

Rolando Village Catwalks (East County)

These walkways and staircases rival La Mesa’s “Secret Stairs” for a cardio workout.

La Mesa and adjacent Rolando Village stand out as one of the few areas in the county that offer a system of public walkways and stairways. Probably best known are the “Secret Stairs” of Mt. ...

Champagne Pass Viewpoint—Pine Mountain Loop

Take in a 360-degree view and sign the register on this little-known peak in the Laguna Mountains.

This is a moderate hike that offers little shade on its way to the top of Champagne Pass (~5500’) where the views are magnificent. This trail can be taken year-round, with blooming wildflowers in the ...

La Mesa’s secret stairs to peak of Mount Nebo

Get a cardio workout on staircases that date back to 1912.

For those looking for stair stepping exercise in San Diego County, there are actually several options for a cardio workout: The San Diego Convention Center has about 100 steps; the “Catwalks” of Rolando Village are ...

Del Mar Mesa Preserve

This hike explores rare vernal pools

The Del Mar Mesa is a flat, chaparral-covered plateau, with an average elevation of 400 feet above sea level. Canyons drain south from the plateau into Los Peñasquitos Creek and northwest into Deer Creek, then ...

A stroll through the City of Trails

Explore some of the lesser-known paths of Poway

Poway is a “city of trails” with some of the most popular hiking trails in coastal San Diego, especially those to Iron Mountain and Mt. Woodson. However, it has many other trails, mostly used by ...

A wild but happening place

Annie's Canyon Trail takes you through a wide variety of habitats

Annie’s Canyon Trail goes through a variety of habitats, including riparian forest, coastal sage scrub, chaparral, and salt water marsh. It also has an amazing slot canyon. There are outstanding views of the ocean, lagoon, ...

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