East County

Another good turn at La Mesa Walmart

The price of cream

The wife and I like cream in our coffee. So do our kids. Trader Joe’s in La Mesa charges $3.29 for a half-pint. Walmart charges $4.14 for a full pint. I resolved to make the ...

Smokehouse in a food court?

Slow meats next to Macy's in La Mesa

The thought of a food court evokes strong sensory memories burned into my consciousness by the presence of trashy mall franchises: the baked cinnamon aromas of Cinnabon, the pulpy viscosity of Orange Julius, the slab ...

Lakeside Nextdoor monitor adrift after online kerfuffle

“The first thing I’m doing is dropping the ban-hammer on you for personal attacks.”

On August 4, Dawn Espedal needed to verify a Lakeside resident on the Nextdoor app. “Please help me verify a new neighbor. Jane Smith [name changed for the story] on Riverview would like to join ...

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