From arrest to needle, he spoke only gibberish

Three poems by Susan Grace

Old Man and Girl Daybreak, like a peach in August, breakfast at the bar, china and silver — doesn’t matter, he’d drink Louisiana chicory coffee out of an old field boot. Hand-mashed blackberry toast, chewing ...

Four children, two cars, and a forest of walnut trees

Three poems by Emily Grosholz

A Summer Place The chestnut tree is sick, its bark scaled By yellow lichen, its leaves curled and brown, Falling already in August when the wind rises Across the patio our rented farmhouse opens Against ...

Why does the dolphin see you and disappear into the sea?

Five prose poems by Harold Jaffe

Auschwitz A message in a bottle has been found in a concrete wall on the site of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. Dated 9 September 1944, the message, in French, contains names, numbers and home towns ...

Love in a Life/Life in a Love

Two poems by Robert Browning for his wife, Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Love in a Life I Room after room, I hunt the house through We inhabit together. Heart, fear nothing, for, heart, thou shalt find her — Next time, herself! — not the trouble behind her ...

You used to care. Now you don’t give a whit

Two poems by Jane Blanchard

Condo This property is absolutely ideal Because of the incredible view. The design might be a bit dated, But the price is totally appropriate. The incredible view of the ocean Beyond the easily accessible beach ...

Double Portraits

He wouldn’t say it, wouldn’t say he would love her forever

Double Portrait All those times I said “forever” as in, “Will you love me forever?” then waited for you to say, “Yes, I will love you forever,” while you drained your glass and said instead, ...

Yes! A hamburger! A mustard grin! Ketchup smiles!

Three poems by Sarah Sala

ATTENDANCE: A CATALOGUE: my car broke down, my mother became someone I didn’t recognize, I had a relapse, my sister got beat up, I felt the tremendous anxiety of living, do you remember me, no ...

No doubt the rent includes electricity

Two sonnets by Larry Johnson

Death of Edward Lucas White author of Lukundoo Not while the stars shine on Lake Ponchartrain Will She forgive — he hears it in all dreams While feeling the howling heads root through his brain ...

Many a long and joyless year have I

Two poems by William Cowper

To the Nightingale, Which the Author Heard Sing on New Year’s Day Whence it is, that amazed I hear From yonder withered spray, This foremost morn of all the year, The melody of May? And ...

Don’t tell your father I never voted for Nixon

Three poems by Keith Ekiss

Hubert Humphrey — Richard Avedon, March 12th, 1976 Whether or not he won, Humphrey looks like the candidate who lost: no sensual lip, cheeks drawn, eyes slanted wary of hawks. Vietnam has ended. In a ...

Caesar was too old, it seems to me

Should have been more mature

Advent The time of the first advent was foretold; the time of the second is not so; because the first was to be obscure, and the second is to be brilliant, and so manifest that ...

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