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Jen Campbell constituents urged to email her

But don't expect a real response

There is talk among voters in San Diego’s council District 2 about starting a petition to recall Councilmember Jennifer Campbell who they feel is ghosting her constituents and their public safety concerns, most notably in ...

Amanda posts anti-suicide notes all over San Diego

Today’s Balboa Park, today’s Harbor Island, today’s Little Italy, today’s Pacific Beach

After losing her mother Deb to suicide last year, Amanda turned her grief into something positive, “I will forever cry for my mom but there’s nothing that I can do to bring her back.” Amanda ...

Nessy Burgers in Fallbrook, period

Rocky’s has the Crown Pub, but is it still the best? Was it always?

Every year, when the Reader publishes a burger issue, a good chunk of San Diego’s population only seems to care about one thing: was Rocky’s Crown Pub included? This year, the Crown Point mainstay was ...

Revolt Wine Co. targets a different kind of wine drinker

The keg-only local wine label wants its wine where there’s live music

No adult beverage is more closely tied to a sense of geography than wine. Names of wine growing regions are used as shorthand for quality, attributed to an appellation’s terroir. In other words, the flavor ...

This 55 Thai fries chicken thighs

Healthy, affordable Thai chain grows into large Pacific Beach restaurant

When 55 Thai Kitchen first appeared in the cramped back room of a corner market in Golden Hill, the community-minded eatery had me intrigued. When the food turned out to be good, in addition to ...

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