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Appellate court turns back Hosking's fake cattle ranch

Blue brothers wanted to subdivide Julian land

Inhabitants of Julian who oppose the development of 1416 acres of local back country have a newfound victory to celebrate. An appellate court has reversed the decision by the county board of supervisors which would ...

Vista's Paseo Santa Fe starts out as war zone

New sidewalks, landscaping, roundabouts, but piles of dirt in meantime

After claiming a downtown roadway as an “area blighted and full of problems,” the city of Vista launched a $18.8-million renovation program to transform a mile of South Santa Fe into “Paseo Santa Fe.” The ...

Someone else's trash in Escondido is not your treasure

Favorite spot: where the 15 freeway passes over North Nutmeg

On August 6, RE/MAX realtor Carmen Cifuentes posted Facebook photos of trash and debris she just discovered. “It was a huge dump on a property that we are selling,” she told me on August 16. ...

Alpha Project, Bread of Life, Solutions for Change – incomparable?

North San Diego County homeless servers step on each others' toes

There was at least one time when struggling addict Mario Duron says the system screwed him. “I had been through drug court. I had been sober for eight months. My probation officer visited my house ...

San Diego rat tales

In spite of DeMaio report, it doesn't seem to be our homeless

A few weeks ago, I was startled to find an unwelcome visitor climbing up a wall inside our North Park garage—a rat. My wife and I had dealt with mice at our last house (also ...

Homeless weigh heavy, even in Ocean Beach

Removal of the police trailer a factor

“The stench by the wall is overwhelming. I barely go that way anymore. So unfair to the actual residents! Come on SDPD-DO SOMETHING,” said Tracey, an Ocean Beach local. “All the trash and sketchy/drugged out/aggressive ...

Mexican Navy seizures affecting Baja lobster prices?

$30 a pound, $20 frozen in Ensenada,

On August 7, the Mexican Navy along with workers from the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries, secured 280 lobster traps and rescued and released 740 lobsters in Ejido Eréndira, a small community about 62 ...

Trump supporters expose themselves in San Diego County

"We really love the president"

Even though the election was a year and half out, former United States Marine Patty Siegmann thought her commander-in-chief deserved her support. In March, the Republican started a pro-Trump street rally. Every other Friday from ...

San Diego scooter scene calms down

"A lot were stolen”

On August 2, Steve Taylor direct messaged me a link to a YouTube video titled Scoot Safe – Emergency Physicians’ Tips for Electronic Scooter Riders. “Dang, they gotta commercial for kids,” he said. “Notice the ...

More hope for Baja's totoaba

But not the vaquita

On the weekend of July 20-21, Earth Ocean Farms released 40,000 juvenile 3-4 month-old-totoabas at Bahía de Concepción in Baja California South. “I can guarantee that the totoaba will never go extinct, because we can ...

The end of South Oceanside

Red & White used index cards in a tin box

For many longtime locals the Red & White Market is the last surviving holdout from when South Oceanside was Mayberry-by-the-Sea. “I remember when moms would wear pretty dresses just to go and shop in a ...

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