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Wrong emphasis on Trump, don't give away crossword answer

Time for Army in Mission Valley?

Heads up Trump During the afternoon of Saturday, Jan 2, I received an email request from for information regarding the gathering of Venezuelans in Waterfront Park, for the purpose of manifesting our gratefulness to the ...

Praise for Thomas Larson, correction on Barney Kessel, rejoinder from Miranda Escoto

More love for Santee

Not going anywhere Regarding Thomas Larson’s January 23 article, “We wish there were fewer”: I generally refrain from acronyms so, oh my word. Who turned the tragic-ometer up all the way to full blast? Larson ...

Patrick Soon-Shiong as a “pharmaceutical magnet”

And the problem with anonymity

Un-bared naked names As a 55-year member of the working press, I’m amazed that a self-described major-newspaper and Associated Press reporter hid behind anonymity to criticize one of your writers (“Writer Harrison skewered on Hinze ...

Writer Harrison skewered on Hinze reporting

Sexist, ableist, and transphobic cover story

Violent, vulgar and inflammatory First and foremost I want to thank you for your dedication to providing the public with access to information about what is happening in our community. Access to this knowledge is ...

You are shedding lights for San Diego

Most of us drive like crazy

Homelessly mental Hey John Kitchin (“Not laziness, not mental illness, not alcoholism, and not mental illness,” Letters, December 12), I have been living in San Diego, CA at least 10 yrs now. I have to ...

San Diego homeless, mercifully, do not live very long.

I have written and called Todd Gloria and Chris Ward

Mentally homeless Tearing Down the House (Letters, Dec. 13) and a response to Teri Siciliani (Letters, Dec. 20): Thanks to the Reader for publishing my letter and responses. I admire its features “City Lights”, “Under ...

The impossible railroad

Alabama reader does not want 2017 story to die

Off the rails I once lived in San Diego as a Navy man. I so enjoyed the city and all it had to offer. Being a native of California then moving to Alabama I do ...

Six-figure incompetence at Lincoln High

Myeshia Etia Whigham earned $124,829 in pay and benefits; principal Jose Soto Ramos, $182,307

According to TransparentCalifornia.com, Myeshia Etia Whigham earned $124,829 in pay and benefits in 2017. Meanwhile, principal Jose Soto Ramos was at the taxpayer trough for $182,307 just last year alone. Are we getting our money’s ...

Tijuana's deadliest year

2300 murders so far

Sexta and violence The article (“Tijuana desensitized to violence”, Neighborhood News, December 4) stated there were more than 2176 murders in Tijuana. From when to when? I assume from the start of the year until ...

Not laziness, not mental illness, not alcoholism, and not mental illness

But the city tearing down 22,000 low-income housing rentals

Tearing down the house I enjoyed reading Elizabeth Salaam’s article in City Lights, “Homeless invade, pollute, ignite Fox Canyon” (City Lights, December 5) and do not dispute it whatsoever. It is the job of an ...

McMillin's Frankenstein, blood boiling over Oceanside

Low density not good for Clairemont

Corky’s Frankenstein As they go off into the sunset with their $71M, Scott McMillin (son of Corky) remains behind to develop the Liberty Station Arts District’s last four undeveloped barracks into a boutique hotel! (“Liberty ...

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