Surf Dog at 8:00 p.m., pedestrians going into Mexico, and the issue of Name Withheld

Letter writers go after Reader errors

Obviously Incorrect I was looking at a Reader yesterday and observed that the Surf Dog Competition coming up in Imperial Beach on Saturday was shown in two different places (Your Week and event listings), both ...

Pro-life about fish, the Left agenda, and the cowardice of anonymity

Diverse loyal readers

Fish Are Intelligent I was shocked and saddened to read how many fish were caught in San Diego in just one week (“Lots of Yellowtail,” Waterfront). As someone who grew up by the ocean, I ...

Who are you to write about the Fitzgerald, about clams, about von Metzke?

Letter writers throw down gauntlet

What’s His Background? I’m interested in the article, “Standing Orders: How Navy Culture May Have Caused the Fitzgerald Disaster” (cover story) by Kevin Eyer. He certainly has a lot of conjecture without having the facts. ...

Tera trouble

What Via col Vento should have been

Brainscratcher You have something screwed up in your Brainstorms puzzle for June 22. You give the answers for the puzzle for previous week, June 15, and one of the book’s titles is Via col Vento. ...

Hipsters, thru-hikers, bonobos, thugs, and a former slave

This week's letters cover the gamut

You Cannot Do It This Year Hello, there! I just finished reading your article, “Trail Angels” (June 15 cover story_ on the PCT. By the end of March this year, I started thru-hiking the PCT ...


A mixed bag of letters

Lack of Interest? Really? I enjoyed the well-researched article “Bonkers for Bonobos” in the June 8 issue. The author provided a great deal of valuable information (and history) about these affectionate and intelligent great apes. ...

Who Plays Who outrage

Friends of Jess Robles come to his defense

Murder Is Not a Joke Our friend was tragically murdered. Do you think this is funny to us? A joke? Do you think that Jess Robles or his friends and family find your “Who Plays ...

Everyone's got an opinion on the Reader

From "I really like everything in the Reader" to "Honestly, your publication is about as low as a National Enquirer rag."

14 Games Back I couldn’t help laughing when I read that FM-94/9 took a ratings hit when they started broadcasting the Padres games this season (Blurt: “Sportscasting Now the ‘Real’ Alternative Radio?”). They are 14 ...

A correction, a clarification, comments on the homeless, and tributes to Jason Hanna and Susan Luzarro

Mixed mailbag

Correction Last week's installment of Golden Dreams identified volunteers working at The Vault medical marijuana dispensary as employees, which they are not. We regret the error. — Editor Typoglycemia This is an honest-to-god question from ...

Happy hour and Tacotopia memories, wondering how that massage worked out

The rest of the story

Five Pitchers of Beer When I started reading, “Set My Drinkers Free” and I read the part, “Line ’em up, says Mitch”, it made me think of the days when I lived in Ocean Beach ...

The crossword, that shooting, and a disappointed aspiring writer

A broad range of letter topics

You Make It That Much Harder I am writing because I was extremely disappointed to read the article about Francisco Sousa — the accused SDSU student who recently settled with the university for $10,000 — ...

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