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OK to point to Southwest as noisemaker

They have 39 percent of San Diego air traffic

An author speaks over the noise In response to the letters regarding my story “Airport Noise - From La Mesa to La Jolla” (Cover Stories, August 1): The FAA and San Diego have the ability ...

Why airport noise complainers have no case

Letters from our readers

Free to move about in noise While I sympathize with residents who have been frustrated dealing with the FAA on this issue, (“Airport Noise - from La Mesa to La Jolla,” Cover Stories, August 1) ...


Reader's racist film reviewer

Racist tongue? I find it quite appealing (sic) that you have a blatantly racist film reviewer on the payroll. Scott Marks gives 0/5 stars to any movies staring black people. A direct quote from Marks’ ...

Shepherd on Kubrick, warning re police commission

Letter writers dig up older stories

Duncan Shepherd flashback Alert the Guinness folks! Duncan Shepherd’s passive-aggressive, backasswards Mr. Mxyzpkik’s — Google it, kids — “praise” (Movie Reviews) for the Stanley Kubrick classic 2001 (which Mr. Shepherd actually awards four stars, while ...

Tom Hom used to live in what is now unreal estate

Letters from our readers

Fleas of Horton P. When The plaza was completed (“The Fall of Horton Plaza,” Cover Stories, June 27), I went through it and judged it to be an insult to San Diego, in that it ...

Brickbats — one sarcastic, one broadside

And a kudo for the puzzle guy

Genders bent Thank you for clarifying the gender of Supreme Court justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. That clarity surfaced on Page 60, in the June 21 issue, in a thumbnail review of a documentary ...

Divergent takes on El Cajon

Letters from our readers

El Cajon, ad nauseam Wow at first I was excited to pick up this week’s Reader (El Cajon is my city, Cover Story, June 13) and was looking forward to read an updated and fair ...

Definitely a Finback whale

Striations on the jaw, on the mouth, on the lower jaw

Whale closely watched You have a picture of a dead whale, beached in Mexico (Dead Baja whale headed for pit, Neighborhood News, May 22). It’s definitely what they call a Finback whale. You can tell ...

Fiercely anti-Christ

Letters from our readers

Got your goat, and sheep In the last 3 times of the articles of “Sheep and Goats” it seems that you are getting into the religious cultic things that are all fiercely anti-Christ in the ...

This dude is simply negative

Letters about lieder singers and Presidio golf course

Useless genius Aww come on, Reader, you can do better with someone else as your reviewer for classical music and performances (“Schumann vs. Schubert,” Classical Music, April 6). This current guy is not providing you ...

Schumann wrote only 300 songs, advice for the Oceanside woman

We get letters

Sour grapes diversity “Entry level” used to actually mean “entry-level” just as “diversity” actually used to mean “diversity.” (“College is Over“, Cover Stories, April 11) At first glance the article does give the reader the ...

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