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You are shedding lights for San Diego

Most of us drive like crazy

Homelessly mental Hey John Kitchin (“Not laziness, not mental illness, not alcoholism, and not mental illness,” Letters, December 12), I have been living in San Diego, CA at least 10 yrs now. I have to ...

San Diego homeless, mercifully, do not live very long.

I have written and called Todd Gloria and Chris Ward

Mentally homeless Tearing Down the House (Letters, Dec. 13) and a response to Teri Siciliani (Letters, Dec. 20): Thanks to the Reader for publishing my letter and responses. I admire its features “City Lights”, “Under ...

The impossible railroad

Alabama reader does not want 2017 story to die

Off the rails I once lived in San Diego as a Navy man. I so enjoyed the city and all it had to offer. Being a native of California then moving to Alabama I do ...

Six-figure incompetence at Lincoln High

Myeshia Etia Whigham earned $124,829 in pay and benefits; principal Jose Soto Ramos, $182,307

According to TransparentCalifornia.com, Myeshia Etia Whigham earned $124,829 in pay and benefits in 2017. Meanwhile, principal Jose Soto Ramos was at the taxpayer trough for $182,307 just last year alone. Are we getting our money’s ...

Tijuana's deadliest year

2300 murders so far

Sexta and violence The article (“Tijuana desensitized to violence”, Neighborhood News, December 4) stated there were more than 2176 murders in Tijuana. From when to when? I assume from the start of the year until ...

Not laziness, not mental illness, not alcoholism, and not mental illness

But the city tearing down 22,000 low-income housing rentals

Tearing down the house I enjoyed reading Elizabeth Salaam’s article in City Lights, “Homeless invade, pollute, ignite Fox Canyon” (City Lights, December 5) and do not dispute it whatsoever. It is the job of an ...

McMillin's Frankenstein, blood boiling over Oceanside

Low density not good for Clairemont

Corky’s Frankenstein As they go off into the sunset with their $71M, Scott McMillin (son of Corky) remains behind to develop the Liberty Station Arts District’s last four undeveloped barracks into a boutique hotel! (“Liberty ...

Not done with Clairemont and strong mayor

Letter writers don't forget – thank God

Welcome to south L.A Dense, crowded, gridlock, haphazard - all these things describe how Los Angeles has chosen to develop their city. This is the result of decades of a spoils system style of development ...

Everyone knows how divided we are as a nation

Letters on civility, historic homes, Bohemian Rhapsody, potholes, and animal cruelty

Tolerance versus civility It is interesting, although not being the main point of this article about civility in public discourse (“The case for civility,” City Lights, November 14) that the author used some rather unmemorable ...

The sensual pleasures of print

Sitting by the sea while perusing the Reader events section

Painfully uneventful One of my favorite mid-week pick-me-ups is walking to our local La Jolla coffee shop, picking up a hot-off-the-press Reader, and sitting by the sea while perusing the events section. Imagining all the ...

Obscenely delayed police response

Native New Yorker never felt unsafe before San Diego

What is Faulconer doing? I love San Diego. Your perfect weather, friendly people and exceptional natural amenities are forcing me to consider keeping a vacation home in SD County. Nevertheless, Mr. Faulconer’s feckless policing policies ...

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