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Unfriendly crowd at Cabrillo on the 4th

A very slow burn movie

Turning up the volume On the 4th this year we went to the Point Loma Cabrillo Monument to watch the fireworks with another couple (“Bring it, 2019,” Best Buys, January 2). We brought a small ...

The ups and downs of Oceanside

Has beer fest jumped the shark?

Mistold taco tale In the article “Every taco tells a tale” (Taco Town, May 16, 2018), writer Chad Deal has El Borrego Restaurant listed as Deleted (no longer in business) caption next to it. As ...

DeAnza Park, cougar killing, causes of death, Oceanside homeless

Reader readers chime in

Boomerang Are you aware that Campland on the Bay and DeAnza Mobile home park, were owned by the same group previously? (Campland gives big to Campbell, News Ticker, June 10) So the city leasing the ...

The truth about Desire and Content

We need biodiversity

Error hunting Some urban legends never go away, especially when they include treasure ships. The Imperial Valley has its own desert lore, which involves a mysterious buried ship (Remnants of sunken pirate ship Content may ...

Abortion wars at UCSD

Dogs are NOT outlawed in PB

Fallaciously balanced ARE YOU KIDDING??? I know you’re not a first-line journalistic organization, but how on earth could you consider publishing anything whose main source is The Center for Medical Progress (“UCSD researchers use organs ...

Escondido Excuse Department

A cry from granny gulch

Chiefly excuses Living in this area which for decades was known as “granny gulch” because the area has numerous senior housing and mobile home parks, now we have gangs, violent homeless but no police protection ...

Lisa was not with the Xterminators

Bring back Duncan Shepherd

Rocker recall Hello this is D. T. Black of the Xterminators. I’m calling in regards to a column called Live Five by Jay Allen Sanford. It was in your May 16 issue on the Dinettes. ...

Public defender Reichert challenges Eva Knott

The perfect Pete Rose rookie card

Mugglebee’s quest My name is Jack Mugglebee, I’m not sure if my last name is familiar or not, but I am writing you this letter because your article mentions a man named Nelson Katz who ...

Hates Hipster, hates fashion

The pedestrian always has the right of way

Fashionable junk I must say that I’m disappointed with the recent developments with the Reader paper. I always picked it up every week to find out about music events, restaurant and movie reviews, etc. But ...

Hildegard of Bingen had her name out there first

When Léonin was 16

Credit due I always enjoy reading Garrett Harris’s classical-music column in the Reader (“Notre Dame – more modern than you think,” Classical Music, April 26). One cavil, however, about a statement in the current issue: ...

Why the Uber-Lyft confusion at airport

Santee lover, Chevy Cavalier lover, scooter hater

Spotty holiday FYI, The staff of [San Diego County Regional Airport Authority] were off in honor of Cesar Chavez holiday thus reason nobody answered the phone (“Message at airport on Uber-Lyft staging area a joke?” ...

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