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A letter on the National City government and Mayor Morrison

And another about the Hepatitis A outbreak

The reality is simply this Re: “National City Power Grab?”, News Ticker Interesting article on Mayor Morrison. The reality is simply this: the detractors have little to concern themselves with as Morrison holds little power ...

A reader comments on radioactive waste disposal from San Onofre

Another says the tax law is “reverse Robin Hood”

Step up Re: “Voice of Reason Be Damned,” News Ticker. Radioactive uranium and plutonium waste disposal from San Onofre is a serious issue. Don Bauder’s note about Orange County city council member Pam Patterson being ...

Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are not heroes

“They are using my culture to present their dumb ideology of Aztlán”

Chicanos go into Mexico and violate Mexican laws Re: “Who does Chicano Park belong to?” Neighborhood News. An embarrassment of Chicano park and the Anti-American sentiment: I feel sad for Chicanos and immigrants who participate ...

Letters on The San Diego Symphony, Star Wars , and Frank’s Philly Cheese Steak

Readers have their say

Lizst the rock star Re: “San Diego Symphony, good but not sublime” First, keep publishing Garrett Harris’s column on classical music. Second, his December 5 column on Chopin stated that “according to the symphony program ...

Letters about letters

Chicano Park still flashpoint

Bridge over troubled lingo In talking about the silver-haired man he should have spoken of his “constitutional,” not his “constitution” (although I imagined it benefitted from the outing). Dale Rodebaugh Kensington The United States grabbed ...

A reader invites the Reader to Scripps Ranch

Plus some info for the nerdy hiker

Scripps Ranch was a real ranch Re: “Once upon a time: Scripps Ranch,” cover story. Your article is a collection of sarcastic comments that only slash and burn. God forbid you write something positive that ...

Chicano Park is not welcoming

A reader thinks the murals are hostile and divisive

Hostile and divisive Re: “Five white men walk into Chicano Park,” Neighborhood News. I am a mixed-race single mother who was going to bring my 11-year-old daughter to Roger’s picnic/walking tour of the murals. I’ve ...

A reader thinks the Chargers failed

And another says there must be racist Latino Nazis in Barrio Logan

The Chargers failed Dryw Keltz’s cover story [“The (often moronic) emotions of NFL fans”] about whether former Chargers fans still root for the team was fair and balanced, but it lacked this one key talking ...

A word on Scripps Ranch NIMBYs

Reader comments on the Reader

NIMBY = not in my back yard Re: “Scripps Ranch — cows gone, rattlers remain,” cover story. 1) Be prepared for the onslaught of Scripps Ranch protectionists (they are not just NIMBYs). 2) The article ...

Last words on “Antonia’s Last Words”

Plus a comment on Only the Brave

Moron Drug User Re: “Antonia’s Last Words,” cover story. Sweet! Made it Las Vegas with no plan to get home. Sweet! Hooked up with her former boyfriend for a couple of days. Sweet! Smoked meth ...

Readers talk about Reader movie reviews

Plus comments on Neighborhood News

Hollywood version of a soldier’s experience Scott Marks review of Thank You for Your Service [Movie section] was obviously written by a non-Veteran who prefers highly dramatized military movies to reality. His opinion that you ...

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