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Without DST — I am confined to my condominium.

School begins too early for the good of the students

Don’t turn back the clock I am writing to oppose Prop 7, the proposition that Daylight Saving Time (DST) be abandoned for the state of California (“Daylight Saving Time: Deal with it,” Ask a Hipster, ...

Gas tax, Bauder retirement, Duncan Hunter, Mike Schaefer, Matthew Philbin

Letters to the editor

Gas tax invasion In connection with gas tax initiatives on ballots (“GOP gov. candidate Cox was major donor of gas tax repeal,” News Ticker, July 13), who recalls the time when California had a multi-billion ...

Gas tax repeal, Koch Bros as pretenders, Golden Age of Debt

Squandered taxes Why am I supporting Proposition 6, the gas tax Repeal initiative (“GOP gov. candidate Cox was major donor of gas tax repeal,” News Ticker, July 13)? It galls me that the state government ...

Bauder, Marks, Deegan rile readers

Letters from the public

Farewell to Don Bauder Best wishes for health & happiness in retirement(“Farewell to a professional love,” News Ticker, September 17). I have enjoyed your columns ever since you arrived in San Diego. You always ‘called ...

Trump supporter calls out Scott Marks

Blackkklansman provided the opportunity

Diss not Donald Trump Just reading the review of the blackkklansman (“BlacKkKlansman,” Movie Reviews). Real classy. Why do you have to diss the president? I think he’s doing a pretty good job. So sad. Mike ...

At first Fuchida had no regrets about Pearl Harbor

North Park scam and sexual torture of children

Fuchida’s journey I first met Stu Hedley (“Grenades, rockets, bombs, machine gun fire in San Diegans’ ears,” Cover Story, August 29). some time in the early 2000s on/around Pearl Harbor Day when my wife and ...

Harmony Grove danger, scooter danger

Letters from concerned readers

Builders’ fire sale Its all about money and property taxes!( “San Diego builds itself into danger”, Neighborhood News, August 24) To continue to build after half of the state of California has burned, do we ...

Poor taste on Power Surge, wrong about margherita pizza and RBG hagiography

Happy to see tuna observer story, though

Reality gap? When Mr. Joe Deegan approached one of the parents about doing a write-up (“Power Surge San Diego’s impressive girls,” City Lights, August 8) on this team it was with the understanding that it ...

OK to point to Southwest as noisemaker

They have 39 percent of San Diego air traffic

An author speaks over the noise In response to the letters regarding my story “Airport Noise - From La Mesa to La Jolla” (Cover Stories, August 1): The FAA and San Diego have the ability ...

Why airport noise complainers have no case

Letters from our readers

Free to move about in noise While I sympathize with residents who have been frustrated dealing with the FAA on this issue, (“Airport Noise - from La Mesa to La Jolla,” Cover Stories, August 1) ...


Reader's racist film reviewer

Racist tongue? I find it quite appealing (sic) that you have a blatantly racist film reviewer on the payroll. Scott Marks gives 0/5 stars to any movies staring black people. A direct quote from Marks’ ...

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