California Gems

'There are a lot of people who don't want to spend much more than $15.'

Youth Movement

'I don't care about flavors of scorched earth or wet stones.'

Full Stomach, Empty Wallet

'I call it Chuck E. Cheese for adults. I have to squeeze myself sometimes, business is so good.'

It's Beautiful

'You taste it, you like it, you can take it home for retail price.'

Peeled Onion

'Women were dominant consumers, making mostly anonymous purchases in supermarkets.'

White or Light or Sweet or Pink

'I think we have more of a finger on the pulse of what women really want.'

Country of Smarties

Some people talk a good talk, but in the end, they don�t really know much.

The Right Thing

'I love my 25-year-olds. They're just learning, and they come in all the time.'

Sea of Labels

'It's like you're selling your soul to the devil or something.'

No Intimidation

'The one thing that's crucial in this business, is not to pretend you're something you're not.

Temecula Fruit

'I think as our vineyards mature, we'll buy less and less from out of the area.'

Just Watch

'The show was three days, and we sold the most wine of all.'

Mystery Label

'It's old-world style - very dry, a little bit of an earthy, peppery streak.'

Purple Teeth

'I can get a full-bodied Cab for 30 bucks? Right on!'

Enviable Predicament

'When you walk into a cafe in Paris and have a wonderful Bordeaux Superior, you are drinking Merlot.'

Pinot Noir is now outselling Zinfandel in California

'We want you to walk away with the notion that it's worthy of careful consideration.'

Business of Bacchus

'I would notice that the waitstaff didn't have a very deep understanding of wine.'

Grape Guru

'Just because you like it doesn't necessarily mean it's well made.'

Kick Dirt and Follow the Pruners

"I didn't realize you're not supposed to put the fondue fork in your mouth."

En Route to Master

'It looks like you can never learn it all, and with 10,000 different grape varietals, I'll never get bored.'

The Envelope, Please

'You know those circus peanuts? That's exactly what this smells like.'

Making of a Judge

"Assembling the team was abundantly easy for me."

Fermenting a Dream

'It's amazing - we get phone calls almost every day.'

Total Experience

"You wish that you could have the whole world be with you at that moment."

Columnist and Advocate

"I haven't really come to the point where I'm a wine critic."

Vine Writer

'I actually broke the story in the state. Pretty nice for your first time out.'

Eavesdropping on Wine Giants

"How could they have found out that I put an ice cube in my Cabernet?"

Growing Pains

'When you get above five barrels, you can't do the small, open-bin fermentation.'

Ramona Rising

"It's important to be able to name your dirt something."

Buddy Story

“I’m too old to fight that battle.”

Reluctance to Retail

“How passionate are you about the wine?”

The Wine Teacher

“I loved the no-frills aspect of it. I felt it was a shop for everybody.”

Map to the Treasures

“There is a limit; it’s a function of the scale. You can get only so much in.”

The Bubbly Backstory

“No one noticed that not a single paper or speech specified what Perignon had really done.”

Love Letter To a Wine

“Champagne was said to prevent depression and typhoid.”

Stress the Vines

“Irrigation comes from the river that runs down from the mountains, bringing minerals to the soil.”

A Wine That Refused to Die

“Stalin loved one of the Georgian varietals. He had to have it with dinner.”

David and Goliath

“It’s worse than plastic surgery…it’s more evil.”

The Spirit of Capitalism In the Grape

“Love and pleasure have always made the world go ’round. At least they should.”

O’Reilly Shoots For Full Flavors

“It tasted like it was dead. And it was two years younger than ours.”

Organic Sense Of Nature

“I told them, ‘I want to do the worst jobs imaginable — nothing glamorous.’”

Affluent Traffic

“We had two or three strollers lined up against a wall with infants sleeping in them.”

Offbeat Destiny

“He called around, did a background check. Then he called me and offered a deal.”

Taste God

“It will be hard, if not impossible, for Parker to pass on his mantle of power.”

Beefy Savior

“I’ve gotten as far in three years as I might have in ten years without them.”

Score Emperor

“People forget sometimes that it’s a liquid in a bottle.”

Monster Lover

“The wet laboratory of your mouth is not always the same.”

Habit Breaker

“My background is on the front lines. I’ve had no formal training, but I’ve done a lot of tasting.”

Torment Ferment

“The things that inspire me? There are some truly crazy, crazy people out there.”

Master Punster

“What had I accomplished in a life as brief as the turn of a screw?”

Oxygen Appetite

“He’s afraid of stuck fermentation, but he’s also afraid of volatile acidity.”

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