Backyard Bounty

"[To] buy a bottle of wine from me makes me a bootlegger. That's not right."

Passion vs. Permits

"Almost every winemaker [in Ramona] is either keeping his day job or is retired."

Spanish Horses, Spanish Wine

"People want the romance; they want the story of your winery, the story of your vineyard."

Dream Come True

"They want to have their own private label - the family wine."

Local Only

Like others before her, Gotfredson found selling San Diego wine to San Diegans a difficult business.

Grape Landscape

"The ethos," says Norby, "was to blend in and respect nature, be part of it."

Shelf-Talkers and The Sweet Spot

"Everybody was cutting throats, giving stuff away just to bring the customer in."

Local Blend

"I knew I wanted mountain fruit - a little bit of a clunky, rustic quality."

True Grit

"We didn't want to be crass or crude, but we were trying to be a bit clever."


"Any way that you can get wine from a piece of dirt and onto a retail shelf, we're doing it."

Dirt Simple

"There are thousands of people in this country who would kill to design a wine label."


"We ended up making an illegal amount of wine in my garage - something like ten barrels."

Collaborate, Communicate

"We would call them the "get drunk and take off your T-shirt" crowd."

Wikis, Mashups, All That

"Wine is the only beverage on the planet that draws people together, right?"

Spottswoode Matures

"They paid about $300 a ton... The more sugar, the better. Flavor was not a question."

Sauvignon Misunderstood

"Those of us who had been wringing our hands all that time in California said, "Well, yeah."

The Devil in His Cellar

"France is known for great wine, but that will never happen down here, because we're just South America."

"They're very German" their whole mentality is, "We've been here for 600 years."

'You'll notice these labels don't look like German labels," says Damon Goldstein, walking me through his storeroom at Truly Fine Wine on Morena. What he means is that the labels are relatively simple -- no ...

Royal Riesling

The first tasting was in the Rheinhessen; the cellarmaster was a 90-year-old woman.

Wine Geeks with Flash Cards

"I would get all crazy about how beautiful the vineyards are in fall or about how the air smells like wine during crush."

"It's nice that in a city like San Diego there are so many places I would send people to."

Small world. Jeff Morgan, co-founder of a winery founded on the notion of making rosé its flagship product, gets invited to San Diego by the local chapter of the American Institute of Wine and Food. ...

Up with Rose

"Lancers was developed to appeal to American military servicemen toward the end of World War II."

Sniff, Sip, Spit

'You're all super-palates, you know," said Jeff Morgan to the crowd gathered in the San Diego Art Institute's Palette dining room. "If you weren't super-palates, you wouldn't be interested enough to sit here and listen ...

The Wine Can't Lie

"Flavor, in terms of wine quality, is secondary. It is important, but it is secondary."

Buyers and Cellars

"It's valuable to see the date integrated -- if every time you log in there's a gauge saying, "Everything's A-OK.""

A Community Of Tasters

"Wines that sell for $65 to $90 off the mailing list routinely fetch $400 to $500 a bottle on the secondary market."

Welcome to the Neighborhood

"If people are this generous and this willing to teach others about wine, it can't be a bad hobby."

Strangers in Wine Land

"But they're Mexican wines, which most people haven't heard of, and that gives them a bit of cachet."

New Godfather In Town

"My goal is to make California-class wines in Ramona."

Mexico's Tuscan Spirit

"It's kind of a geographical expression of how I'd love my life to be!"

Wine Online

"What I want to sell people on is the concept of discovering."

Mexico's Secret Vineyards

"It's easy to believe that there are a lot of unaccounted-for vineyards in the region."

Gen X Grown Up

"When it's your goal to educate folks about wine, entry-level will take you only so far."

A Grape's Progress

"You could do a liberal arts degree with wine as the organizing principle."

Up Front and Visible

"I believe in putting everything on the floor... Stack it high and watch it fly."

Wine from the Neighborhood

'He started posting black-and-white photos of loyal customers on the inside walls.'

Wine and the Novel

I think there's this kind of Puritan streak in wine writing.

Deconstructing Spain

'I smell red fruit - red plums, red cherries, a little cranberry.'

Exams for Sommeliers

'If you're not here, if you're not following the format, you're sort of holding everybody up.'

From Zero to Stunning

'The trick is to get the wines before they're trophies.'

Soft Sell

'The people who spend the most are the most conscious of value.'


'We really work on making sure that the soil is active and healthy and living.'

Boosting Baja's Image

'I'm overjoyed whenever I see references to Mexican wine in the literature.'

The Professor Gets an Education

'Premium wine grapes don't thrive where ice plants and salty sea foam happily commingle.'

Buyer First, Salesman Second

'I'm representing wineries that make only 200 cases for the world, [maybe] 50 for Southern California.'

Cult Wine

'There was a real need for a little wine guide for gringos.'

A Tour of Baja Vines

Meet me at Mustafa's. I'll jump in your car and show you the valley.

The New San Pasqual

'It's daunting if you're a young businessman. You take everything so personally.'

Success Is in the Tinkering

'People just went ballistic over that combination.'

Two by Two

'My right arm is stronger than my left from lifting all those glasses.'

Malbec at the Oasis

I don't want to be a bar. I want to be a hangout - an oasis away from those bars.

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