City Lights

El Cajon councilman sued over Miss Middle East pageant

Former contestant alleges Ben Kalasho propositioned her

In El Cajon city councilmember Ben Kalasho’s words, he created the Miss Middle East Beauty Pageant to “empower” Middle Eastern women and award them the freedom to “wear what you want, marry who you want, ...

Tom Gildred’s wife, Carolina, goes to NY courts

Claims she has been defamed by tango instructor

Since 1929, the Gildred family has been prominent in San Diego. Its first project was construction and operation of the Fox Theatre, now known as Symphony Hall. Through the years, Gildred Companies has developed properties ...

Another mess for San Ysidro School District

Hush money or severance payment?

“It’s a typo,” Arturo Sanchez-Macias, assistant superintendent for San Ysidro School District says. The “it” to which Sanchez-Macias refers is the date, January 15, 2016, on a settlement agreement between the district and a San ...

Juliet would be jailbait

Age of sexual consent was much lower in centuries past

Juliet in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is 13 years old. Shakespeare doesn’t tell us how old Romeo is, but my high school English teacher said he was 28. If she was right, and you put ...

Maintenance assessment fee fight flares up

“The assumption is everyone in Del Cerro is wealthy. Well, that’s just not true.”

After 15 years of trying, residents of San Diego’s Del Cerro neighborhood may finally have a maintenance assessment district to call their own. Maintenance assessment districts are mechanisms wherein property owners within a certain area ...

Brick & mortar vs. Amazon

Mall stores getting Amazonned into deep doo-doo

Fifty years ago, shopping malls were the local gathering places. Days and nights, they were jam-packed with people of all demographic groups. But by 2014, almost 20 percent of American malls were considered in trouble ...

He's an engineer, not a gay porn star

Plaza de Panama project construction manager Gordon Kovtun cyberbullied

Gordon Kovtun is not a “sissy.” And, he is not a “bottom boy.” Despite what it says on the profile with his name on it, “gay porn” is not his sole interest. Also, those ...

San Onofre — another Chernobyl?

Radiation would be 40 times worse

A terrorist attack that could endanger 8.5 million people. Who cares? A tsunami or earthquake that could spread even wider damage. Yawn. A potentially disastrous meltdown. Fuhgeddaboudit. A utility stock that zooms upward, paying fat ...

Scripps Ranch median and/or pot smoker led to tragedy

Paralyzed man sues city over accident. But was a stoned driver the real cause?

Hyun Jeong Choi’s glass marijuana pipe rested inside the center console of her 2015 gray Toyota Corolla. The pipe was still hot to the touch on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016, when traffic accident investigator ...

San Diego Junior Theatre keeps up the Oz-like curtain

Tragicomedy on San Diego stages: Junior Theatre sad, opera happy

A tragicomedy is a stage production that contains both tragedy and comedy. The local stage scene is a bit like that: the San Diego Junior Theatre for youngsters may be foundering close to a tragedy, ...

Pot shop or landlord the bigger problem for 12-steppers?

Alano Club may go up in smoke over coffee

“You know when somebody just wants you gone.”

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