City Lights

Superior Ready Mix dusts Allied Gardens

Company responds faster than bureaucracy

It might seem that Kirk Riley set a trap for investigators at the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District. But it was inadvertent. Riley, who is 45 and a resident of Del Cerro, had ...

A curmudgeon's view of debt

Why not enact the Robin Hood tax?

The federal deficit will be a staggering $1 trillion next year. Corporate debt is an astonishing $6.3 trillion. Globally, the derivatives market, which nearly killed us in 2008, could be $1 quadrillion. Speculation is rampant ...

San Marcos in crosshairs of Growthzilla

Your backcountry or mine?

To North Country residents living near Merriam Mountains, it feels like Dr. Frankenstein is bringing that monster back to life. A monster called urban sprawl the community chased out of their backcountry in 2010. Back ...

I-5 has the worst, 805 is second

Homeless trash eats up 30 percent of local highway maintenance

The numbers are alarming: 30 percent of Caltrans’ $18.1 million local maintenance budget went for picking up after people last year. $6.2 million went toward picking up litter off the freeway and for cleaning out ...

Teens to flip Jack in the Box burgers gone

Scholarships and dope

"If you want to work, there is no excuse for not getting into the job market now,” says Phil Blair, executive owner of Manpower San Diego. Blair, the local employment guru, is talking about the ...

Tijuana filmed in Tijuana

Univision/Netflix series to appear late fall

How embarrassing! I just looked out my balcony, all hungover and disheveled, to find un chingo de gente afuera,” (an f--- of a lot of people outside), comments Lalo, my neighbor from the building in ...

Biotech research hardly unbiased

Look at San Diego's Diversa, Sequenom, and Jonas Salk's Immune Response

Can scientific purity and entrepreneurial greed coexist? San Diego is an ideal testing ground for that question, because it is one of three biotech centers in the United States, and biotech companies, dominated by scientists, ...

Vista house party horror

Another reason to check Airbnb renters

Homie arrived at the party on Barsby Street about 11 p.m. He lived nearby so he walked with friends. It was cold that Friday night, January 26, 2018, almost freezing, which is unusual in San ...

Chernobyl in San Onofre?

Debate continues over canister thickness

In March of this year, Southern California Edison, the major owner of the shuttered San Onofre nuclear plant, revealed that a shipment of canisters in which the company is burying nuclear waste near the ocean ...

Power Surge San Diego's impressive girls

They don't play daddy ball

On an empty lot at Maine Avenue near the rodeo grounds in Lakeside, I find Power Surge Chavez, a fastpitch softball team of ten-year-old girls that practice twice a week, attend conditioning on another two ...

Golf has to suffer six or more years

Why not expand the size of the hole?

It was golf’s celebrated United States Open, played June of 2008, at Torrey Pines. The already weak national economy was about to go into a tailspin. Tiger Woods, the god of golf, was limping around ...

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