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Odd lover out

For once, the young characters do an adult thing: they pause and reflect, as if weighing alternatives.

Might have felt like a good news/bad news situation. Renowned director Mark Lamos gets to do Shakespeare at the Old Globe. The bad news? It’s “Two Gents.” The Two Gentlemen of Verona was a popular ...

Relative harmony

Old Globe Theater stages retiring Quartet

“It must be dreadful to be famous and applauded and acclaimed and not be able to practice your art.”

Panama 66 "mushy" opens at Museum of Art

Already offers some difficult beer decisions in advance of its proper unveiling

It wasn't long ago that I heard the proprietors of Tiger! Tiger! and Blind Lady Ale House had won the contract to open an eatery in the Sculpture Garden Court outside the Museum of Art ...

The Old Globe ventures back Into the Woods

The Stephen Sondheim/James Lapine musical Into the Woods world-premiered at the Old Globe in 1986. The set had three structures, fixed, and a “woods” behind. Along with fairy tale characters — Cinderella, Jack (of beanstalk ...

From blushing bridegroom back to cold-blooded killer

Iago plays on Othello’s fears like a maestro on a Stradivarius.

Iago: “Men should be what they seem. Or those that be not, would they might seem none.” Othello: “Certain, men should be what they seem.” I was re-reading Shakespeare’s Othello recently, and the obvious poked ...

Sharp minors are the key

Slow start, fab finish in world premiere Dog and Pony at the Old Globe

Rick Elice and Michael Patrick Walker are the multi-talented, mega-award-winning creators of Jersey Boys, Peter and the Starcatcher, and Altar Boyz. Their world premiere musical isn’t a dog. But, even with a top flight cast, ...

Chekhoviana hodgepodge

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike at Old Globe is much more comedy than tragedy

The first three names come from Anton Chekhov: Vanya and niece Sonia from Uncle Vanya; Masha from Three Sisters. And Spike? From the imagination of Christopher Durang which, he says, tossed the Chekhovian trio “into ...

Grunge in the Park

There are a couple of different San Diego spots I head to anytime I am suffering from a particularly awful day — the La Mesa Library, Mission Trails, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, the AmVets off ...

Fevered, emotionally reportorial realism

Art for life's sake

“The stroke is just like the artist at the time he makes it.” Spanish Sojourns: Robert Henri and the Spirit of Spain, on view at the San Diego Museum of Art until September 9.

Found: another proposal from the now-disbanded Balboa Park Centennial Group

San Diego, then and now

From the minutes of the December 2013 meeting of the Balboa Park Centennial Group, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request and a fifth of Glenlivet: Mr. [REDACTED] noted that, during the 1935 Expo, ...

Dance on a minefield

The Old Globe serves Water by the Spoonful.

He’s so addicted to alienation, he wouldn’t march in his “own parade.”

Time and the Conways at the Old Globe

J.B. Priestley’s 1937 drama is not a great play. But it’s a haunter. The Old Globe’s excellent cast probably won’t have too many standing ovations because the spell doesn’t break until long after the curtain ...

Atheists, Evangelists, and Prophets take over Balboa Park

Walk in the park of shame.

Billy Stewart wants to know if I am ready to accept Jesus Christ into my heart. He stands under a cluster of palm trees along the Prado in Balboa Park. A navy-blue ball cap with ...

Hipsters or nerds?

Judging youthful style on grown men

My friend Natalie recently broke up with her boyfriend. In an effort to get her to move on, I attempted to set her up with a good guy friend of mine. They have a lot ...

Dazzling musical feats

“For me, this concert began about four years ago, when I was wondering to myself if it might be possible to gain access and play artistically with the Giant Dome Theater at Reuben H. Fleet ...

Gender-blending Sisters

“Most of the songs on this album were written while I was recovering from a major injury,” says singer/songwriter Sherri-Anne of Sister Speak’s upcoming debut full-length Rise Up for Love. “I broke my pelvis and ...

Plan presented for more Balboa Park cottages

"It is incomprehensible that there is no House of Mexico now."

A plan that would add five permanent cottages for ten countries to Balboa Park's House of Pacific Relations was sent back for revision Thursday, March 6, after a packed meeting that pitted a room full ...

Technology meets art at the park

Balboa Park partners with Maker Faire for first STEAM Day

This marks the first year that Balboa Park includes “A” for Art in their annual event to highlight the education movement traditionally known as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). On March 16, from 11 ...

Pet almost abducted from Grape Street Dog Park

Dog-napper or aggressively altruistic dog-owner?

On Wednesday, February 19, what seemed to be an attempted dog-napping at Grape Street Dog Park was thwarted by park regulars, who stopped the would-be perpetrator in the parking lot. More than one eyewitness claimed ...

Forgiveness reigns

Time is a destroyer that will “come and take my love away.”

Why does Leontes go stark raving mad in The Winter’s Tale? The King of Sicilia looks to have it all. His beautiful wife, Hermione, is pregnant with their second child. His son, Mamillius, is a ...

Balboa Golf Course clubhouse to expand?

Expansion contingent on pedestrian pathway

On February 12, the Golden Hill Planning Committee unanimously voted to deny support of a proposed extension of the Balboa Golf Course clubhouse. All present members of the community advisory group took issue with the ...

Arm candy

Purses worn in San Diego

“You're never too fat for a new purse.” ― Nia Vardalos I gained a couple of pounds over the holiday season. As a result of my refusal to go up a dress size, I have ...

Downsized dreams

Old Globe stages Laura Marks’s Bethany in the round

Bethany, by Laura Marks Old Globe Theatre, Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre, Balboa Park Directed by Gaye Taylor Upchurch; cast: Carlo Alban, DeAnna Driscoll, Jennifer Ferrin, Amanda Naughton, James Shanklin, Sylvia M’Lafi Thompson; scenic design ...

Tennis camp for Wounded Warriors seeking funds

Balboa Tennis Club aims to fly in 50 or more wounded, ill, or injured veterans

The San Diego District Tennis Association last week began soliciting donations for its third annual National Tennis Camp for Wounded Warriors, to take place in San Diego the week of May 19–25. "This event is ...

A day in Balboa Park

I try to live my life in accordance with the famous quote attributed to Walt Whitman: "Be curious, not judgmental." On a recent visit to Balboa Park, camera in hand, I came across a plethora ...

Walking San Diego

“It’s a bit of a mountain getaway feeling if you ignore the freeway noise.”

Walks around town, walks in the mountains, walks next to the freeway that make it easy to pretend you’ve gotten away from it all (if you ignore the sound of traffic).

Public balks at Balboa Park "West End"

But it's temporary! says PR firm

Over the weekend, I posted this story announcing the new website and name, Balboa Park West End, which was created to alert the public to the fact that the museums and institutions at Balboa Park ...

PR firm creates new place in Balboa Park

"West End" hints of happening zone during bridge closure to cars

In an effort to shore up attendance at its museums now that the massive retrofit of the Cabrillo Bridge is under way, Balboa Park has unveiled a new website, along with a new moniker: Balboa ...

Language barrier prompts naval hospital bomb scare

Lost deliverymen took wrong turn, detained for two hours

A couple of guys attempting to deliver a package triggered a shutdown of the main gate access to Balboa Naval Hospital on Thursday, January 2. For approximately two hours, San Diego police blocked access to ...

From Brewskie to Booties

Following phenomenal success of BEEROLOGY exhibit, San Diego Museum of Man applies similar format to another cultural craze.

Eureka! SD Theater History Gold

I was researching at the San Diego History Center and Jane Kenealy, she of the encyclopedic memory, asked me if I’d ever seen the Temple collection. I hadn’t. She emerged from the archives with two ...

Six-string theory

H.P. Newquist talks about the giant replica of a Gibson Flying V on exhibit at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Theater in Balboa Park, part of Guitar: The Instrument That Rocked the World. It’s over 43 feet long!

Street jam

Balboa Park’s got Women, War, and Industry and Staking Claim: A California Invitational.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Old Globe

FINDING BIGFOOT. “Hi. I’m Matt Moneymaker. We’re here at a Whoville Town Hall meeting. Show of hands: How many’ve seen a big, brown-haired creature? Cindy-Loo Who. “Me! Me! Only his hair wasn’t brown. It was ...

Much Ado About Nothing: Old Globe/USD Graduate Theatre Program

Shakespeare loves to build a scene or a state of mind, then flip it, in a heartbeat, to its opposite. In the olden days, this was called a volte face — an about face — ...

Best of Beer Week: November 6

Kicking off the second half of San Diego Beer Week with a bang

12 Brewers, 12 Casks, 12 Mallets: Drop in on a simultaneous tapping of a dozen specialty casks of familiar Stone Brewing Co. beers augmented by myriad ingredients including blueberries, heather, elderflowers, Thai chilies, milk sugar, ...

The Last Goodbye at the Old Globe

First things first. Barry Edelstein, the Old Globe’s new artistic director, has begun his tenure with what amounts to a position statement: do not expect the safe, commercial fare of the previous administration. Though the ...

The Few at the Old Globe

John Donne said “no man is an island.” Playwright Samuel D. Hunter’s world premiere disagrees. Matthew, QZ, and Bryan live sealed-off, isolated lives, though a thousand miles from any ocean. More to the point, they’re ...

German import

Yay! Beer!

The twinkle lights of the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Theatre at the Museum of Photographic Arts will once again shine upon German Currents, the third annual festival of German films. Limited to four films and ...

Vincent d'Indy at the Mingei

Balboa Park's free museum holds rare concert.

When’s the last time you heard a piece of music by Vincent d’Indy? Never is a perfectly acceptable answer. What if I told you there was a chance to hear this overlooked French composer on ...

Doyle Reno's "blind reverse" sculptures

Julian-based sculptor creates works in acrylic that he doesn't see until they are complete.

“I’ll try not to be too verbose,” says Doyle Reno, “but it does take some explaining.” He’s trying to define his sculpture process, by which he completes large-scale works of art that he doesn’t see ...

Turban Love

Turbans are making the rounds out and about in San Diego. The fashionable headpieces aren’t only for bad hair days. Fashionistas in SD are taking their cues from the likes of Joan Crawford and Carrie ...

Flower Power in Balboa Park

At Balboa Park on a sunny afternoon, both Michaela Wilbanks and Cristina Campos stood out amongst the park’s stunning architecture in lady-like florals. Floral is no longer just a summer and spring staple. For those ...

The image-maker

Fresh-faced Marilyn and Hitler’s buddy, Krupp.

Arnold Newman: Masterclass, on view at the San Diego Museum of Art until September 8. 1450 El Prado, Balboa Park. 619-232-7931; Mirrors were scarce in most mid-19th-century houses. Even by the 1840s, when a ...

The Old Globe stages Cain classic Double Indemnity

Double calamity

They got caught, the lover got the chair, and Cain got a darn good story.

Make some sense of the Balboa Park trails

A three or eight mile run in Balboa Park

The San Diego Track Club is holding it 59th annual three and eight mile run in around and through Balboa Park. As we might expect, there are two distances to choose from. This event is ...

The Rainmaker at Old Globe

Okay, N. Richard Nash's pluvicultural comedy has a woman reinventing herself during the Depression on the far side of nowhere. And it premiered during the sexism-clogged McCarthy Era at that. But this is one slight ...

A Midsummer Night's Dream at Old Globe

Maybe the most produced play in San Diego this side of A Christmas Carol. We've seen everything from high-caloric cutsie to Jack O'Brien's magical 1985 staging — David Ogden Stiers and Katherine McGrath as a ...

The Graces

W.S. Di Piero proves photography is authentic fine art.

The Old Globe stages Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Like Hamlet’s father’s ghost, they only exist between the footlights and the proscenium.

Pictures of the Year International at MOPA

The Museum of Photographic Arts showcases a year in photojournalism.

The Old Globe stages Shakespeare's merry sport, The Merchant of Venice

Miles Anderson does amazing things as Shylock in the Old Globe’s Merchant of Venice, but his most understated choice sets the tone of the play. Bassanio wants to wed Portia, “a lady richly left/ And ...

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