Art: Subject/Object

Big baby looks over Tecate border wall

French artist JR the latest to use barrier as canvas

An art installation by a French artist that goes by the name of “JR” was unveiled at the Tecate border with the U.S. on Thursday (September 7). Taller than the border wall at 30 feet, ...

Space Time to poke hole in San Diego bubble?

"We want the major art mags to talk about what is happening here."

There’s a time and a space for everything. At least, that’s the idea behind art-and-music collective Space Time, which held its first of many events at Barrio Logan’s Bread & Salt in July of 2016. ...

A year in an immigrant’s shirt

Garment art.

While crossing the border at San Ysidro, Valentina Forte-Hernandez, an unassuming and petite artist, aroused the suspicion of border agents due to the tangle of wires and circuits in her trunk. She had to submit ...

$250,000 immigration art

"The artwork design should be light and airy, and communicate a sense of welcome and embrace."

Public art, $1.2 million worth, is being commissioned by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority to adorn the main airport’s forthcoming Federal Inspection Services facility, says a February 8 call for proposals. “This opportunity ...

Where art resides

Typically, artists “just want to make work in private.”

“Artist residences are about taking the time to explore your work in a new way,” says Melissa Walter, who is currently the artist-in-residence at Bread & Salt, “a gallery and experimental center for the arts.” ...

Say something

Tijuanese artists use their work to make people think

The story of Coyote begins with a horse. A Trojan horse. The year is 1997. A ten-year-old Daniel Espinosa weaves through traffic at the San Ysidro Port of Entry to get a closer look at ...

Costs and dangers of public art

More notable creations include giant chairs next to buildings

The City of San Diego has picked yet another controversy-prone artist from out of town to create a public work of art, this time for downtown’s forthcoming East Village Park. “I think that public art ...

The photo is not the boss of Kim Reasor

A sinister blame creeps in

No one ogles the industrial vistas of Southern California. Those unsightly realms where giant cranes stipple the skyline. Where ship containers are stacked unemptied of their new Curvy Barbie dolls for Walmart. Where thickets of ...

2016 San Diego Guide to the Arts

Saving our souls

Relevancy for the less-than-rabid — Ian Pike The Cali-Baja art scene — Chad Deal Art spaces that cultivate communities — Barbarella Fokos Beyond selfie curation — Deirdre Lickona The theater scene has rhythms — Jeff ...

Wire you sculpting?

"Bending wire helped my creative brain not go crazy," says Wireman

On December 30, I.B. Long was doing his weekly assessment of graffiti and other maintenance issues along Newport Avenue for the local business association. Long had seen the wire man in the sky attached to ...

International art and music converge on Cabrillo National Monument

A Ship in the Woods lands at Point Loma monument

The Cabrillo National Monument at the southern-most tip of the Point Loma peninsula depicts a towering Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo gazing east over San Diego Bay, where, in 1542, he was the first European explorer to ...

Nobody Cares, Zogo

Clash of the arts interests

“‘Nobody cares about your shitty arts organization.’ Those were her exact words,” recalls United Artists of San Diego chief executive Tatjana Zogovic, who goes by the name Tasha Zogo. She’s referring to a phone call ...

Rocking with the Society in Liberty Station

Watermedia association's 50th celebrated by double-size crowd

If strolling around NTC/Liberty Station on Friday, August 7, you might have heard some '50s and '60s rock and roll music. Following the sound, you would have arrived at the San Diego Watercolor Society. This ...

Latest Panca mural in Tijuana defaced

Neighbor in Colonial Federal takes action

"There's a generational gap," explains David Peña, who moved south of the border about a year ago with his brother after graduating with a B.A. in art from CalState Long Beach. David teamed up with ...

Movement, memory, and sound

It’s only been about five months since Mexico City multimedia artist and musician Francisco Eme moved to San Diego, but he’s already integrated his work into multiple shows in California and Baja. Many of the ...

Tijuana to China and back

“No one is going to shut me up here.” That’s what artist Daniel Ruanova told Newsweek in a 2002 article that arrived at the zenith of media captivation with Tijuana art and music. The publication ...

Illuminated, evolving medium

Visual projection artists respond to open call and BYOB Tijuana takes on the local vibe.

Bring Your Own Beamer is a project launched by Berlin artist Rafaël Rozendaal in 2010 that gives an open-call to visual projection artists of every inclination. In a DIY showcase of the developing frontier of ...

La Esquina has a Parasite

Barrio Logan architects explore parasitic structures and permit evasion

You may have seen it on a Barrio Logan hilltop just west of I-5: an electric-green trapezoid in an otherwise vacant lot, a triangular opening on one end and a larger square portal on the ...

Cross-cultural interactive art in the park with Figment

2nd annual, free, all-ages day festival returns to Chicano Park.

Aiming to bridge the gap between art creators and art appreciators by removing expression from the confines of a gallery, FIGMENT made its San Diego debut last year, drawing over 1000 participants for the day-long ...

Engage with Edgeland Futurism

Alterity, liminality explored by students at Space 4 Art

Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” It was under this premise that Ash Eliza Smith has spent the last several months teaching an experimental course at ...

Art for art's sake on Adams Avenue

Transmedia experiences coming to four blocks in Normal Heights

“We, as many artists, divorce ourselves in a sense, whether it’s conscious or not, from the notion that we’re making something to be displayed for sale so that someone can collect it,” says Robyko Sanchez. ...

Technology meets art at the park

Balboa Park partners with Maker Faire for first STEAM Day

This marks the first year that Balboa Park includes “A” for Art in their annual event to highlight the education movement traditionally known as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). On March 16, from 11 ...

Local diver brings us "Adventures in a Cafe"

Scott McGee's underwater photography captures nature normally hidden from view

Scott McGee’s photography exhibition, a collection of dive and dryland photography called “Adventures in a Cafe,” opens at Vinaka Cafe in Carlsbad with a morning reception on March 9th from 8AM to 2PM. McGee’s collected ...

"Albert and the Black Hearts" open for Valentine's Day and beyond

New show at Low Gallery depicts love's many faces with original artwork and prints from Albert Reyes

The new installation from Albert Reyes at Low Gallery in North Park pays tongue-in-cheek homage to Valentine’s Day. “Albert and the Black Hearts,” which features a series of illustrations from the artist, is “a celebration ...

The art of the spoon

Local twosome hope to bridge gap between art and commerce, one spoon at a time

Where does the line between art and industry lie? Rachel Eva and Shawn Michael, a Hillcrest couple who together make up Work of My Hands, are in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to fund ...

2014 Guide to the Arts in San Diego

A palette of possibilities

Our affinity for artistic expression sets us humans apart from all other animals. We continue to find innovative ways to communicate our complex emotions and philosophical reflections. Though it is inarguably enriching to appreciate works ...

San Diego chick-lit author runner-up for MARSocial Author of the Year

Sarka-Jonae Miller's novel, Between Boyfriends, finishes strong in contest for film rights

San Diego author Sarka-Jonae Miller was recently named as a runner-up in the MARSocial Author of the Year contest for her novel, Between Boyfriends. Had she won, her book would have been on the fast ...

Cusp chef also cooks up children's books

Donald Lockhart gets inspiration for kiddie lit while in kitchen

When Donald Lockhart, the executive chef at Cusp Restaurant in La Jolla, isn’t creating menus, he’s writing children's books. “I enjoy playing with food ingredients and words,” he says. “In both, the simplest things work ...

Big score for IDW

Local comics publisher to release Angry Birds comic, among other projects

“We’re essentially one-third the size of DC Comics, as far as our market share is concerned,” says Chris Ryall, editor-in-chief at San Diego-based IDW Publishing, the fourth-largest comic book publisher in the country . The ...

I'll Take Care of You in stores now

New true crime story from San Diego author, Caitlin Rother, available now in book stores and online

I’ll Take Care of You, the new true-crime story from Caitlin Rother, is on bookstore shelves throughout San Diego. The exhaustively researched book recounts the murder of Bill McLaughlin, shot in his Newport Beach home ...

"Eternal Spring" open at Low Gallery

North Park gallery's first show of 2014 centers on life and rebirth

Low Gallery’s new show, “Eternal Spring,” opened with an artists’ reception and live performance on January 17. The ongoing show features work from Portland-based photographer, Colin Manning; LA visual artist and psychic, Marcella Kroll; and ...

Customized ponies, as seen on Instagram

Oceanside artist sculpts, paints, and transforms old My Little Pony dolls into new characters

“I just thought that doing My Little Pony toys would be different,” says Rizzo Michelle, reflecting on her decision to customize unwanted toys and try to sell them at Comikaze 2013. “When I went there, ...

"Art Speaks" salons debut at Thumbprint Gallery 2

New panel series aims to give fans access to artists, and artists access to each other, to foster a sense of artistic community.

The first goal of the new “Art Speaks” salon series at Thumbprint Gallery 2, at the back of Hillcrest’s Bamboo Lounge, is to “provide a platform for artists to engage in dialogue with their community ...

Spencer Epps on...everything.

Local painter keeps busy by covering material from the Big Bang to the human body

“I don’t know if you’ve ever had a chance to look at a picture of the cosmic microwave background. It’s basically the afterbirth of the Big Bang. This is sort of an interpretation of that, ...

"Sea Changes: Act" coral regeneration project shows signs of life

Glass sculptures by local artist provide a potential home for future coral reefs

“I know that when you combine statistics and art, you have a way of reaching people that’s much deeper, because you’re reaching them through the heart,” says Kira Corser, director of “Sea Changes: Act.” The ...

"Fast Forward" opens at Low Gallery

New group art show experiments with a sense of scale, but also caters to space- and budget-challenged collectors

“Fast Forward,” a new group art show at North Park’s Low Gallery, opens Friday the 13th with an artists reception from 6-10 p.m. Following that, the show will remain on display through January 14, 2014. ...

Getting crafty with Optimus Volts

Local artist defaces obscure currency, destroys spray cans, and otherwise mixes media to create his art

"The idea for the portraits on paper money came from a Thumbprint Gallery show called C.R.E.A.M. which stood for ‘cash rules everything around me,’ explains Isaac Coronado, better known as Optimus Volts. “I found a ...

Local Maker Movement

There is a growing community comprised of electronics enthusiasts, tinkerers, artists, and even entrepreneurs who gravitate towards Make Magazine, where Do-It-Yourself projects are shared online in a step-by-step format. In addition to a growing internet ...

Kickstarting in San Diego for November

A look at some of the projects put up for crowdfunding by local artists.

When they want the finances to materialize their dreams, San Diego’s creative minds turn to Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowdfunding website. Kickstarter hosts a bevy of San Diego-based projects (it’s easy to filter the website’s ...

Netherworld of the young adult

Anyway* author Arthur Salm talks about the delights and difficulties of writing for young readers

Arthur Salm spent twenty years as the book critic at the Union-Tribune, interviewing authors and writing about the works they created. To hear him tell it, he would have been perfectly happy spending the rest ...

"Post-Pop" opens November 15 at Low Gallery

New show at North Park gallery explores the play of light and color through artistic collaboration.

A new show, “Post-Pop,” opens at Low Gallery (3778 30th Street) in North Park on Friday, November 15. The show is a collaboration between painter, Sean Brannan, and sculptor Jonathan Entler, curated by Meegan Nolan ...

The art of GMONIK

San Diego painter spent time traveling the world, now he's committed to decades in front of a canvas.

“I incorporate a lot of garbage and trash imagery because that’s the byproduct of our culture. When we all die, we’re leaving our garbage behind. It’s like when we find old pottery, or whatever, from ...

SDSU alum recovers herself through dance

After a long battle with anxiety and depression, Brianna Lopez gets back to her roots with her debut choreography

The last time Brianna Lopez danced was during the end of her studies at SDSU. Choreographing “Mind the Gap,” a short composition for four dancers, represents her first real engagement with dance in three years. ...

Armando de la Torre's "Winter Wonderland"

Barrio Logan artist comments on his residency in Oceanside and the importance of fostering communities.

Armando de la Torre’s residence at the Oceanside Museum of Art (made possible through a James Irvine Foundation grant) begins this holiday season. The grant is supposed to provide for artists to explore ideas of ...

Taco Shop Poets take it to the campus and the corner

Poets to perform at Southwestern College

The Taco Shop Poets, legends in the San Diego area, will be giving a rare reading at Southwestern College on October 24. The group’s name telegraphs the nature of their work: words written not as ...

Lauren Skinker paints monsters

Bonita-based artist lives the modern tale of the underemployed Millennial, and paints fantastic creatures while she's at it.

“I don’t know if I believe in monsters,” says Lauren Skinker, a 23-year-old painter living in Bonita. “I just like the idea of them.” Monsters, and all that which is generally fantastic, inspire Skinker. One ...

Goodbye, "Chain Reaction"?

Ten years after her final donations to charitable and artistic causes, we are just now seeing the beginning of the end of Joan Kroc's philanthropy.

On October 12th, it will have been ten years since Joan Kroc’s passing. Despite that, it’s nigh impossible to spend a day in San Diego without encountering some dedication to the late fast food heiress’ ...

RELÁMPAGO: imperfect family photos

Omar Lopex's pretend family portraits on tintype wet plates

At first glance, the colorless photos don’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary. Weathered and faded around the edges, the collection looks like something you might find in an unmarked shoebox at the ...

Book Review: Bodies of Water

A look inside the new novel from T. Greenwood, with commentary from the author.

When she talked to the Reader in July, T. Greenwood remained tight-lipped on details about her newest novel, Bodies of Water, saying nothing more than that it was “sort of a taboo love story.” The ...

Doyle Reno's "blind reverse" sculptures

Julian-based sculptor creates works in acrylic that he doesn't see until they are complete.

“I’ll try not to be too verbose,” says Doyle Reno, “but it does take some explaining.” He’s trying to define his sculpture process, by which he completes large-scale works of art that he doesn’t see ...

A conversation with Caitlin Rother

San Diego author talks about the ups and downs of researching true crimes for her books.

Being Caitlin Rother sometimes means getting into some dark places. The San Diego author, a former investigative journalist for the U-T and other papers, writes narrative non-fiction about true crimes. Writing about the most heinous ...

Hill Young paints life and death

University Heights artist loves collaboration, but her solo work focuses on the relationship between life's beginnings and ends.

Paintings from Hill Young’s new series depict animal skulls surrounded by organic life. Flowers and vines spring from the wood of the panel, enclosing the bleached bones in a web of living matter. As a ...

I Eat People: Children's Monster Art

A collection of multimedia monsters as imagined by kids.

“My nephew and I used to hang out and draw monsters,” says Sam Lopez, curator of the upcoming I EAT PEOPLE: Children's Monster Art exposition. “He was probably 5 years old. He is a great ...

Zane Zillner paints with scent

Hillcrest aromatherapist goes way beyond the idea of scented candles as he makes art for the sense of smell.

Painters blend and layer pigments to make their art. Musicians layer sound. Zane Zillner, working in his fantastic-smelling little office at Hapenstans Salon, layers smells. While he earns his living as a massage therapist, it’s ...

Clark Silva and his Rock Icons

Painting portraits of rock and roll stars comes naturally to this Chula Vista metalhead.

Clark Silva’s acrylic-on-panel Rock Icons attract people’s attention with their simple color palettes and minimal designs. Each portrait captures an important figure in rock history, especially Silva’s favorite genre: heavy metal. The artist laughs knowingly ...

Linda Halsey's internet style

Imperial Beach painter combines an MBA background with 21st-century memes

A lot of artists might balk at the suggestion that their paintings were “very internet,” but not Linda Halsey. The artist, who lives in Imperial Beach, readily admits that the imagery of popular internet culture ...

Lisa Mendez: 21st-century zinester

Hillcrest artist has a DIY aesthetic and an eye for bringing things and ideas together.

To paraphrase a certain late-twentieth-century alt-rock one-hit-wonder, Lisa Mendez wants to publish zines and rage against machines. The second part of that is an assumption based on the artist’s punk rock style, but the part ...

Charles Page is always thinking.

Chula Vista artist has a mind that won't quit, and he just "wants to make you think."

Charles Page’s head is exploding with ideas. All the time. Whenever the Chula Vista artist opens his mouth, words fly out as he tries to explain whatever notion is running through his mind at the ...

Zia Rodelo: Old-school cameraphile

University Heights photographer wants to explore the potential of outdated cameras and film to "find something that shoots well."

“I’m really shy about my photography,” says Zia Rodelo. “I don’t show it to just anyone.” 25-year-old Rodelo, who lives in University Heights, declined the offer of a gallery show in her hometown of El ...

Amorous Abyss: Brian Meanswell's flowers and women

National City artist examines the emotions behind body language in an exhibit at EQ Culture Studios.

Carly Newman tries art. Succeeds!

Showing her first ever artworks at her first ever art show, college student Carly Newman gets it right the first time.

How’s this for a Cinderella story: Carly Newman is an “ethnic studies” major at USD and she never set out to make art, much less call herself an artist. As an intern at ArtLab Studios, ...

Book Review: The Mango Bride

Marivi Soliven's first full-length novel tells the story of two women caught between family, class, country, and love.

In our city, so close to an international border, a book that deals with the harsh realities of immigration should not struggle to grip San Diego’s collective attention. Where contemporary tales of immigration might look ...

Heather Rae Morton draws smaller than you!

Kensington artist specializes in very fine lines and expressive portraits of quirky animals.

Exagerated line drawings of her pet Boston Terrier, Ladybird, fill Kensington artist Heather Rae Morton’s home studio. She’s been living and working here since moving to San Diego from Philly three years ago. The fifteen ...

A conversation with Sandra Millers Younger

San Diego journalist and author talks about her new book and the trials of surviving the biggest fire in California history.

Sandra Millers Younger’s new book, The Fire Outside My Window, is slated for release in conjunction with the tenth anniversary of the Cedar Fire. That devastating natural disaster burned 280,000 acres, destroyed 2,800 homes, and ...

Scotty Ziegler and his Vault

San Diego painter and "builder of all things cool" has a sweet facility downtown that's immune to the effects of sun and moon.

Grace Ann Piano brings visual story of indigenous cultures to Queen Bee's

Detroit native takes her solo exhibition to Queen Bee's Art & Cultural Center in North Park.

Radvocate Video Magazine: episode 2

Local print zine finds its footing in open-submission multimedia art.

A conversation with Tammy Greenwood

San Diego author talks about her new book, Bodies of Water, getting lost in the past, and finding the seeds of a novel surprisingly close to home.

Righteous Exploits slated for August open and September run

Performance art from Margaret Noble and Justin Hudnall explores generational narratives and struggles with family history.

No need to be jaded over San Diego Comic-Con

Klaus Janson gives an insider's pespective on Comic-Con, revealing that there's a lot more to the con than movie stars and cosplay.

Amy Baca Lopez: Art of Love

South Park artist paints love in many forms, dishes on the Camino de Santiago and The Real World San Diego.

Art Baja Tijuana: modern minimal house debuts as gallery

LA-based gallery Steve Turner Contemporary curates eight international artists at Casa GS.

Pictures of the Year International at MOPA

The Museum of Photographic Arts showcases a year in photojournalism.

Friday Night Liberty: a free art walk in Point Loma

Liberty Station is the second largest enclave of arts and culture organizations in San Diego after Balboa Park.

Brandon Madrid and his art guitars

North Park artist turns vintage objects into guitars, but he also builds high-end instruments worthy of art galleries.

Justin Fry opens "Fractured Navigation" at Artlab Studios

Neon skulls and portraits of assholes artistically "booby trap" Fry's paintings.

Interview with Manuel Cabrera of Polen

Polen cultivates art, music, food, drink, and fashion in Tijuana with periodic street fairs.

A Slap in the Face of the Past

North County money buys the ruin of downtown's historic Santa Fe Depot

Loaded La Jollans boost a downtown museum.

The Archive

San Diego Historical Society has all the photos you could imagine

It was mostly dirt. A dirt road, a bunch of one-story houses and a few two-story ones, a scattering of low wooden fences, and a lot of dirt front yards and dirt back yards. Around ...

Graphic Design

There may be a multitude of graphic designers living in San Diego, but the most interesting work is done by a relatively small group of exceptionally talented artists, and much of what they create is ...

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