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Bowlegged BBQ is your next Texas temptation

Music, art, and slowly smoked meats converge in Mount Hope

There’s music and art all around me as I dig in to a pile of BBQ meats. Old soul and R&B album covers hang, framed on the walls, packed in alongside stylized paintings depicting scenes ...

Fruitcraft makes just about everything but beer

The fruit wine specialist now ferments grapes, apples, honey, and teas

When Fruitcraft Fermentery and Distillery dropped anchor in Hillcrest two years ago, it primarily carried on the work of its original brand iteration, California Fruit Wine. That is, it fermented wine from virtually every type ...

JLo and Marc Anthony: box office gold?

The black-and-white footage is a textbook compendium of video interview clichés

Three films and no common thread; it’s that kind of week How the West Was Won (1962) When I was six, the owner of mom’s beauty parlor rigged a raffle and my family “won” tickets ...

Following protests and vandalism, Drag Queens reach out to peeved Pentecostal

Pastor Placated

South Bay Pentecostal Church Executive Pastor Amado Huizar is a man willing to fight for what he believes in, which is why he protested Chula Vista’s decision to host a Drag Queen Story Hour in ...

This week's cover story

Adams Avenue gone funky

The beginnings of a genuine scene.

I had intended to arrive at Rosie O’ Grady’s well before the music started. Like most of life’s good intentions, that plan was thwarted by a personal inertia more powerful than wishful thinking. As I ...

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Larry Flynt tries Oceanside

Q: What do you do if you want to open an adult business where it’s not permitted? A: If you’re Larry Flynt’s attorney you simply proclaim you are not an adult business and hope no ...

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Coronado millionaire residents put homes to the torch rather than endure “more subtle forms of community destruction.”

“SANDAG says we may have to make room for 1800 more housing units,” says longtime resident Reginald Cashflow. “On Coronado, an island with about two square miles of buildable real estate that already holds 9500. ...

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The Lion King: Unlively action

Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you they were going to take you to a movie and you responded by asking, your voice leaping with a combination of hope and trepidation, ...

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Carlsbad succumbs to the Orange County look

At least eight businesses in Carlsbad’s downtown Village area have been told they must prepare to move out as their buildings make way for a sleek new restaurant/retail complex. In what seems to cement the ...