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Look at the San Diego radio casualty list

Coe Lewis, AJ Machado, Jim McInnes, Chris Cantore, Meryl Klemow, Cha Cha Harlow, Robin Roth, Rick Lawrence. Brett Winterble, Mike Slater, Mark Larson, Dana DiDonato, Jayson Prim

A massive firing spree just rocked the local radio careers of DJs and talk show hosts on KGB, KOGO, Alt 94/9, Sunny 98.1, Jam’n 95.7 and Channel 9-3-3. The pink slip spree impacted Coe Lewis ...

A year of chili cheese fries

Sister Rays turns a pile of meat, cheese, and potatoes into pure comfort

Last year, 2019? It was trying. I’m sure we all felt it. Mine did have a saving grace though, in an unlikely source: chili cheese fries. Bear with me. It’s been a year since Ed ...

La Mesa eases up on the chickens

2014 rules fixed

Access to local food is among La Mesa's health, wellness, and climate goals. But for some residents, fresh eggs were just out of reach. While they live in single-family homes, and chickens are allowed in ...

Homeless clean up trash in Ocean Beach

"If there is a God, send me an angel"

Every morning before dawn in Ocean Beach, a silver minivan pulls into the parking lot at the foot of Newport Avenue and Abbott Street, parks in the handicapped spot, and out rolls Marc Gervais, Dave ...