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The peculiar genesis of Super Buffet

Pete Bayard: “My sketch demos are skeletal”

Pete Bayard had performed in a series of bands in St. Paul, Boston, and New York City before he landed in San Diego and started playing in the local outfit Inigo in the mid-2000s. He ...

Skateworld: meals on wheels

I’m clinging to the snack bar like it’s flotsam from the S.S. Bedford.

‘Are you sure?” “Piece of cake. We’ll get right back into it. They’ll want us in Cirque du Soleil.” With my friend Annie again. ’Cause she’s usually up for anything. Went for a winter swim ...

Quezon’s Game: A Filipino Schindler’s List?

“Could I have done more?”

For a month, the link languished in my mailbox — I put off playing Quezon’s Game until the latest possible moment. Frankly, the thought of a Filipino Schindler’s List held about as much interest as ...

Quentin Tarantino meets the Doors

The Frets, E.N. Young, Dirty Sweet, Danger Field, John Mayall

Originally based in Pacific Beach and known as Lad’s Holiday, indie-alternative group the Frets formed in late 2015 when founding members Liam Wilkes (a native of Manchester, England) and Cody Seeger met via Craigslist. Their ...

Sullivan King, Yakz, and Grabbitz: what gamers play

Fans say it sort of sounds like Pac-Man chomping on the ghosts

It seems that local concert promoters are nodding ‘yes’ in unison with my basshead brethren lately, and following the lead of video gamers. On January 24, Sullivan King, Yakz, and Grabbitz will perform their dubstep ...