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Hillcrest got its Babycakes back

Cupcake maker returns to the neighborhood

A couple of years ago, after a decade doing business in Hillcrest, fancy cupcake maker Babycakes moved out of its 5th Street home base to pursue a bigger bakery opportunity out in in Paradise Hills, ...

How Baja's 16,000 squatters affect your Airbnb

"All homes that are foreclosed are invaded"

Skyline resident C. Valdez saw the January 12 news of the reported 16,000 abandoned homes in Baja California — with 4,000 in Tijuana — that are “invaded” and inhabited by squatters. “It’s a big problem ...

African American and in San Diego

Sherley Anne Williams, Growing up Negro in San Diego, black Muslims, where people of color settled in San Diego, black memory market, acting black

Raised not to hope too hard Sherley Anne Williams was delighted when the New York Times listed her novel on its recommended reading list. The book had gone into a third printing, and her publisher ...