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Hansel and Gretel reminds us that hunger was common

Search for food part of San Diego Opera's story

Hansel and Gretel is a story based on hunger. The opera version of this tale of the tummy is being produced by San Diego Opera at the San Diego Civic Theater on February 8 - ...

Jane Kenyon: American poet and translator of Russian dissident poet Anna Akhmatova

One of the main themes of her poetry was her struggle with depression

February: Thinking of Flowers Now wind torments the field, turning the white surface back on itself, back and back on itself, like an animal licking a wound. Nothing but white—the air, the light; only one ...

Let the ghosts of Flinn Springs swirl at Mary Etta’s Cafe

She’s famous for whacking a customer with a bar stool.

It’s a crisp, fresh morning on Olde Highway 80. I’m aboard the MTS’s 838 truck/bus heading east, looking for somewhere to break fast. “Mary Etta’s is a morning eatery,” says this lady sitting across from ...

Backstage musicals courtesy Michael Damien and Phil Karlson

The Stooges were among the first recyclers

A pair of backstage musicals both old and new. High Strung Free Dance (2018) New to blu-ray, this affectionately bunched bundle of backstage musical cliches plays like a smaller-scale musical mock-up of La La Land ...

Tapping strings like piano keys

Mortiis, The Heavy Guilt, Linda Purl, Tom Griesgraber, Sinead O’Connor

Mortiis began as a Norwegian side project enabling former Emperor bassist-lyricist Håvard Ellefsen to put on a costume with a weird face mask and create pounding electro-goth concept pieces with elaborate stories: basically Peter Gabriel-era ...

Bridges built with the Sure Fire Soul Ensemble

“It’s a mixture of funk, soul, jazz, and Afrobeat.”

“The album dropped on September 12,” says Sure Fire Soul Ensemble bandleader Tim Felten. “And it hit #1 on the Contemporary Jazz charts.... It’s awesome to be recognized at that level, and I’m super confident ...

The Ed Kornhauser shuffle

He’s been on the San Diego jazz scene for 14 years

“It’s something I’ve been putting off for years,” confessed pianist Ed Kornhauser, referring to the completion of sessions for his first album as a leader. It features all original music. “I’ve been writing music as ...

Hey, man, nice ponytail

What Pee Wee Herman and Lana De Rey have to do with my hair

The last time I had an actual haircut was March 1983, when I was so new to North Park that I accidentally booked myself by phone to get my ponytail whacked at a nearby African-American ...

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